Wizard Farming Build


Wizard Farming Build

In this guide, you will learn about the statistics, functions, and equipment available to operational consultants. At Ragnarok Mobile, and how to coordinate your actions. With this guide, you can create crazy farm characters in a short time and produce hundreds of thousands of days every day! Magical damage and attack methods give the ideal value of agricultural products at the beginning of the game.

Stats build

The master of statistics is very simple: the INT pump has reached 99 heights. Then, when you start DEX at an early stage, DEX is not needed to speed up the cast. The trick is to use only fast technologies such as Soul Strike and Magic Crasher, and technologies such as Heaven’s Drive and Storm Gust. This technique increases the level when the actor becomes longer. If you are at level 1, you can almost pass.

Skill build

Wizard Farming Build

Mage in order

  • Soul Strike 5
  • Increase SP Recovery 10
  • Fire Bolt 5
  • Ring of Fire (Fire Wall) 10
  • Max Soul Strike
  • 2-3 points each on Cold Bolt and Lightning Bolt

As a mage, your basic skills are Soul Strike and Firewall. Soul Attack gives you the best attack power almost instantly. Firewalls are protected from the masses hit by trucks. If you change the wizard task when fighting mobs with other elements, other screws are useful for testing the fight.

Wizard (in order)

  • Heaven’s Drive 1
  • Magic Crasher 5
  • Soul Drain 10
  • Energy Coat 5
  • Storm Gust 1
  • etc…

As a consultant, basic agricultural technology is Heaven’s Drive and Magic Crusher. Heaven’s Drive is a big opponent (Hornet, Menblatts, Dustiness). Both technologies are fast and fast cooling times and the best grinding technology. Energy Coat gives you more protection and magical damage for farmers to maximize their agricultural potential. Storm Gust is mainly used as an AoE spell without a crowd and is a great party helper.It depends on what you get. Maybe the thunder of Jupiter and maximize Lord Vermillion.

High Wizard

  • Magic Power 10
  • Napalm Vulcan 6–10 (depending on your equips)
  • Fire Bolt 10
  • Cold Bolt 10
  • Increase SP Recovery 10
  • Fire Wall 10

With a high wizard, you will get maximum productivity in agriculture. With the help of magical power and Nafpol Volcano, you can frantically shoot the Crazy Egg and the Solar Farm. (Complete guide: How to get to know Aggira and many zero-income farmers). At this stage you will want to restore your skills and maximum magic abilities: fire, cold, recovery SP and fire walls. At this stage, no more soul attacks are required. Finally, listen to Asher’s warning and attack the Runes through a meteor shower. (Note: Runes System Guide) This option allows you to create weaker seams than fiery elements. Meteor Storm does not have a fixed broadcast time, so you can do it quickly by reducing the wait time.

Farming Spots

Below is the place where the ingredients are necessary for the development of things. We recommend using Heaven’s Drive, Magic Crasher and Play Dead in the auto-skills slot. (Related: Play Dead Guide) Remember that the key is killing as many people as possible. This usually means that you can kill them with 1-3 skills by choosing a lower level crowd. Note the difference in the levels of fines. If the monster is 10 levels lower or higher than yours, the rate of decline decreases slightly.

Prontera West / Sewers

  • Rocker & Willow — Jellopy
  • Chon-Chon — Iron
  • Yoyo — Feathers
  • Spore, Thief Bug — Jellopy
  • Thief Bug Male — Iron
  • Familiar & Thief Bug Female — Rotten Bandage

Labyrinth Forest

  • Wolf — Iron

Goblin Forest (40+)

  • Steam Goblin — Coal

Mjolnir (40+)

  • Menblatt, Hornet

North Prontera (50-70+)

  • Dustiness, Metaller, Mantis (very low HP, great for farming and leveling up)

Payon Cave (60-80+)

  • Eggyra — Napalm Vulcan


  • Sting — Meteor Storm
  • Anolian — Lord of Vermillion
  • Orc Village — Fire Bolt
  • Glast Heim
  • Kobolds



(Recommended end-game items in bold)

  • Headgear:
    • Wizard Hat / Mage Hat / Magic Eyes
    • Elven Ears
    • Angry Snarl
  •  Weapon:
    • More MAtk, less SP regen: Piercing Staff –> Wizardry Staff (Eye of Dullahan combo)
    • More SP regen, less MAtk: Healing Staff –> Croce Staff
  • Off Hand
    • Floral Bracelet (for Magic Crasher only)
    • Statue of Judgement (for SP regen)
    • Magic Bible
    • Orlean’s Server (Orlean’s Glove combo)
  • Armor: Mage Coat –> Robe of Cast
  • Garment: Staunch Robe (combo with Staunch Boots)
  • Shoes: Staunch Boots (combo with Staunch Robe)
  • Accessories:
    • INT Earring
    • Orlean’s Necklace
    • Orlean’s Gloves (combo with Orlean’s Server)
    • Eye of Dullahan (combo with Wizard Staff)

How to maximize Magic Damage (MAtk)

  • Cooked foods
  • INT Dish
  • Blessing (Priest buffs)
  • Guild Blessing
  • Aesir Monument Runes
  • Item Enhancements/Refine/Enchants

How to reduce Cast Time (CT)

  • DEX stat (late game)
  • DEX Dish
  • Blessing and Suffragium (Priest buffs)
  • Orlean’s Gloves + Orlean’s Server = -20% CT Variable
  • Orlean’s Gown + Orlean’s Necklace = -15% CT Fixed
  • Robe of Cast = -10% CT Variable
  • Staunch Boots + Staunch Robe = -10% CT Variable
  • Angry Snarl = -10% CT Variable
  • Magic Eyes = -10% CT Variable
  • Isis Pet = -5% CT Variable


The Wizard is one of the best classes for farming. Invest in appropriate equipment for your Wiz farmer. And before you know it, you will see how your investments are paid. What equipment and cards do you like?



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