Windperch Wyvern – Glimmer Will Be Present at Auction House Ragnarok M


After auctioning the Mount Key of Heaven some time ago, now Ragnarok M: Eternal Love again presents Mount at the Auction House called Windperch Wyvern – Glimmer .

This mount will be launched right this week on April 12 2019 at 20.00 (server time).

Auction House April 12, 2019

Windperch Wyvern – Glimmer is the first mount that can dance on Rune Midgard, even it can make other players around it can hear music that recovers Combat Time.

This mount was presented in connection with the holding of the Live Concert Live in SEA which was held on April 20-21 in Bangkok, April 27 in Manila, and May 5 in Jakarta.

Windperch Wyvern – Glimmer itself is a Mount shaped like a cute dragon in light blue.

Windperch Wyvern – Glimmer

With Windperch Wyvern – Glimmer, movement speed will increase by 50% and this Mount can use Heart Phantom skills.

The plan, this Mount starts with an auction price of 66,660,000 Zeny, and the Exchange price is written at 111,100,000 Zeny.

Windperch Wyvern – Glimmer

Besides Windperch Wyvern – Glimmer , there are various cards, as well as Costume Unit-01 which will be present at Auction House on April 12, 2019. (*)


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