Valhalla Ruins 80 Map Guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love


Valhalla Ruin is a guild dungeon that can only be enter by fellow guild members. Every guild member who wants to enter Valhalla Ruin certainly needs 40 Silver Badge to open 1 Valhalla Ruin portal. Only requires 40 Silver Badge and Valhalla Ruin Portal will open for 1 week before resetting again.

Valhalla Ruin has a total of 5 Mini / MVPs. Kill this Mini / MVP to get the loot from the Mini / MVP, but if you have finished all Mini / MVPs in Valhalla Ruin, of course you can still enter Valhalla Ruin to help your guild members and get Friendship Proof and Guild Contribution prizes.

Valhalla Ruins 80 Map Guide

Period – 25 February – 4 March 2019 05:00 GMT + 7



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