Useful Equips and Cards for War of Emperium [WoE Survival Guide]


Emperium This guide will help if you have entered the war, but are still dead or your team members are not ready for WoE. How to survive

If you are ready, this guide will help! We provide good baselines and recommendations for GvG and survival tips.


Unlike Zeny’s leveling or support, I want to focus on survival during WoE. GvG Wars is like a big PvP. This is very confusing and uses a lot of damage and AoE functions in every aspect of the map. I also want a resistance map to prevent freezing and muting.

Here is a list of all the useful objects and maps that you can use to prepare your hero to improve survival in the War of the Union.

Headgear – Top

Item Effect

Poo Poo Hat
Damage reduction of Demi-Human race +10%

Feather Beret
Def +10
M.Def +5
Damage reduction of Demi-Human race +10%

Midgard Helm
Def +35
Max HP +1000
Damage reduction of Demi-Human race +5%
For Refining +1, Damage reduction of Demi-Human race +1%, Slow Def +2%

Headgear – Face/Mouth

Item Effect

Midgard Goggles
Def +20
M.Def +20
Max HP +1000
Damage reduction of Demi-Human race +5%
For Refining +1, Damage reduction of Demi-Human race +1%, Petrified Resistance +2%

Midgard Military Mask
Def +35
Max HP +1000
Damage reduction of Demi-Human +5%
For Refining increases by 1, Silence Resistance +2%
When Refining reaches +5, HP +750; When Refining reaches +10, HP +1500; Refining +15, HP +3000

Goblin Leader Mask
Def -30
Damage reduction of Demi-Human race +30%

Spiked Scarf
Def +5
VIT +2
Dmg to demi-human race +5%
Dmg Reduc. of demi-human race +5%

Angry Snarl
CT Variable -10%
Damage reduction of Demi-Human race +5%
For Refining +1, damage reduction of Demi-Human race +1%, (upper limit of increases is 15%)

Headgear — Back

Item Effect

Midgard Bag
Def +35
Max HP +1000
For Refining +1, Dmg Reduc. +1%, Freeze Def +2%
[Midgard Bag] + [M.Def Fairy] Dmg Reduc. +5%, Magic Reduc. +5%

Devil Wing
All Attributes +1
Dmg +5%
M.Dmg +5%

Adventurer Bag
Def +15
On Refine +10, STR 90, Atk +20
On Refine +10, AGI 90, Equipment ASPD +5%
On Refine +10, VIT 90, Neutral Dmg Taken -10%
On Refine +10, INT 90, M.Atk +20
On Refine +10, DEX 90, Ranged Damage +5%
On Refine +10, LUK 90, Crit.Dmg +5%

Headgear — Tail

Item Effect

Nine Tails
Flee +5%
Fire Dmg received -10%
M. Def Fairy M.Def +40
Max HP +1000
For Refining +1, Magic Reduc. +1%, Stunning Resistance +2%
[Midgard Bag] + [M.Def Fairy] Dmg Reduc. +5%, Magic Reduc. +5%
Any Gacha tails

Headgear Cards

Item Effect

Marduk Card
Avoid silence effect

Deviruchi Card
STR +3, Avoid darkness effect

Nightmare Card
Avoid sleeping effect, AGI +1

Giearth Card
Avoid sleeping effect



Item Effect

Meteorite Armor
Stunning, Freeze Def +50%

Deathcat Armor
Luk +5
When equipped by Wizards, Archers, Acolytes, Silence Def +50%
When equipped by Swordsmen, Merchants, Thieves, Stunning Def +50%

Saint’s Cape
VIT +5
Def +50
Max HP +800
Every 200 points of Max HP will bring 1 point of Atk for the wearer
[Studded Knuckles] + [Saint’s Cape IV]: Max HP +5%
[Slash V] +[Saint’s Cape IV]: Equipment ASPD +5%, Atk +5%

Staunch Armor
Str +2
Dex +1
Avoid fear effect

Goibne’s Armor
VIT +5
Max HP +10%
Equip Bonus Increases max HP by Base level x20
Increases max SP by Base level x5
Increases Atk by 10%
10% M.Atk
M.Def +10

Armor Cards

Item Effect

Thara Frog Card
DMG reduction of demi-human race +30%

Argiope Card
Turn the Armor’s element into poison, DEF +20
Pasana Card Turn the armor’s element into Fire



Item Effect

Evil Bracer
Flee +5
Max HP +600
Max SP +150
When casting a single target skill, the next physical attack skill has a chance to deal 100% extra damage

Royal Silver Shield
Max HP +800
Def +40

Static Shield
Wind, Earth, Water, Fire Dmg Taken -25%
Equip Bonus M.Def + 3
When receiving physical damage, has a chance to reflect physical damage for 5 seconds.
For each higher Refining of the shield, the reflection rate increases by 3%

Orlean’s Server
M.Def + 3
When receiving physical damage, has a chance to reflect physical damage for 5 seconds.
For each higher Refining of the shield, the reflection rate increases by 3%

Offhand Cards

Item Effect

Marc Card
Water DMG taken -15%, Avoid freezing effect

High Orc Card
When suffering attack from enemy, 10% DMG will be reflected



Obsidian CapeM.Def +40
When being attacked by auto attacks or skills, has a 50% chance to gain a 50% Magic Reduc., but Def will be reduced by 50%, lasting for 10 seconds

Item Effect

Staunch Mana Manteau
Neutral Dmg Taken -15%
Max HP +100
[Staunch Mana Manteau] + [High Fashion Sandals IV]: Magic Reduc. +5%

Staunch Cape
Neutral Dmg Taken -10%

Goibne’s Spaulders
VIT +2
Reduction of Ranged Dmg +10%
Equip Bonus LUK + 2
Complete Avoidance +8

Deathcat Cape
When equipped by wizards, Archers, Acolytes, Flee +35
When Refining +10, Flee +10
When equipped by swordsmen/merchants/thieves, Reflection of Melee Dam +5%
When Refining +10, Damage reflection +15%

Def +80
SP cost of [Endure] -40%
Equip Bonus Cannot be damaged
M.Def +10

Garment Cards

Item Effect

Raydric Card
Neutral DMG taken -10%

Whisper Card
Ghost Dmg Taken +50%
Flee +20



Item Effect

Staunch Shoes
Move Spd +2%
Max HP + (Base Lv×10)

Rune Boots
Move Spd +10%
Healing Received +30%
Atk +3%
M.Atk +3%

High Fashion Sandals
Move Spd +10%
M.Def +10
Magic Reduc. +8%
Max HP +200
[Staunch Mana Manteau] + [High Fashion Sandals IV]: Magic Reduc. +5%

Sprint Shoes
Move Spd +10%
Can use [Charge] Lv.1

Shoes Cards

Item Effect

Ferus Card
VIT +2
Max HP +10%
Verit Card Max HP +8%
Max SP +8%



Item Effect

STR Necklace
VIT +5
Max HP +3%

Matyr’s Leash
For Speed Up skill, great for breakers
Any decent accessory for your class and build

Accessory Cards

Item Effect

Horong Card
Can use skill – (Sight) Lv.1

Joker Card
Can use skill – [Stone Curse] Lv.5

Final tips

  • The ability to survive is most important in a guild war. Of course, if you want to balance damage and a tank, but freezing, waiting for recovery, silence or death, a high level of disability and crowd control (SS) and basic magic skills are useless. –
  • Means to reduce damage and magic, as well as the corresponding elements that can counter the effects of the state and maps.
  • If you sort paper cups with Wizards, the collision will be small, and the LKS and Paladins tankers will work. I want to get some additional elements that may vary depending on the current situation.
  • Determine the impact and choose the right equipment for your role, class, structure and game. For example, the mechanisms are good for relaxing skating rinks by increasing mobility. Do not forget to upgrade, improve or improve.


The war with Emperium is one of the most difficult events in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. If you participate in the GvG battle, you will receive many awards. Most players believe that this is the ultimate goal of the game, and that they are testing technology and tools. Do you have any suggestions or questions? Leave your opinion below and make each player more exciting and challenging battle with Emperium!


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