Upcoming Content for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love EP 6.0!


Upcoming Content for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love EP 6.0!

Celebration of the second anniversary of the developer X.D. Global has a live broadcast to announce new content for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love EP 6.0. Note: this is primarily for CN servers and is currently in EP 5.0. In contrast, SEA and Global Server are currently in EP 3.0, but we plan to use this feature in the near future.

New Job Classes: Ninja, Gunslinger and Super Novice

Finally, we have a difficult course for this job! These are special alternative work items that do not differ from the six original working classes (Swordsman, Archer, Mage, etc.).

Ningas: The magician may be different from the magician. It is very difficult to make the magician be confused because the magician can throw it away. Stealth Clone has powerful Final Strike technology, knockout technology such as Asura Strike in the championship.

Gunslingers : The class “You guessed it” with weapons that complement various weapons and weapons using AoE, and skillfully strive to defeat your opponent! Calm down – you can use all the techniques and all the fuss!

Super Novices: Beginners have fun lessons, but they are not easy to take. All the best skills are available!

New Dungeon Maps: Turtle Island, Nameless Island, Ghost Palace

We also get 3 new dungeon maps, new monsters and new agricultural products!

Turtle Island is the home of the turtle monster. Turtle A turtle led by MVP. Common turtle maps are popular in classic Ragnarok due to the effect of “20% damage”. Let’s look at the cause of the TG card.

Nameless Island and Ghost Palace: On the other hand, islands and ghost halls are home to the inanimate and ghostly.

Global GVG (War of Emperium)

We have no details yet, but from the very beginning, all players seem to be planning a global server to meet in the War of the Empire. Then it would be good!

New Raid Dungeon: Thanatos Tower

Ragnarok M: In the episode of Eternal Love, you may have heard of the legendary Thanatos in the main adventure of this story.

This time it is time to fight face to face! Thanatos Tower looks like an endless tower. The Infinite Tower will allow you and your group to fight enemies at different levels and ultimately meet Thanatos and his best allies. A very rare MVP ship awaits!

Private Customizable House

Looks like we get something like “Animal Cross” or “Pokemon Secret Bass”. Players can decorate their homes and allow other players to visit them!

New Story (Lighthalzen/Biolab)

We also get new content by default. It would be like the story of Lighthalzen / Biolab. But I was wrong.

New Towns: Comodo and Rachel

Comodo town

Rachel town

Revival of Satan Morocc

Classic Job Costume Skins

New Mechanic Gear, Merchant Carts and New Mounts

New Free Costumes

And many more!

Looking forward to EP 6.0? What features and content do you expect the most? Comments below!


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