Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining & Enchanting


Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining & Enchanting

There are many ways to improve your Ragnarok M. equipment. Eternal love makes you stronger. At first it can be confusing, because everything is the same. This guide explains the differences between the four ways to help you get the best clothes for your hero!

  • Enhancing
  • Refining
  • Enchanting
  • Upgrading


requirement: Zeny

Where: Windows is the most basic form of inventory enhancement and “increases” hardware exposure. For example, it increases the armor of an armor or an ICT employee. You can enlarge the item several times to the current value. So if you are at level 50, you can increase the subject by 50 times. Once you reach level 51, you can reload.

To enlarge an item, open the backpack, press the right button 2, select the highlighted item and tap “Refresh”. The price is only a few months, but it increases with each step. The cool thing is that you can move the enhanced layer to another element. If you prepare other items of the same type, you will be asked to improve the previous article.


Requirements: Oridecon for weapons, Elunium for armors, zeny

Where: Hollergrehnn in Prontera

This improvement looks like an increase in the factors that we all know in the classic version of Ragnarok. He marks your articles as improving levels.

Improvements to this article will provide “smoother” features, such as subtle attacks or softer faces (see Figure above). Expanded statistics differ from regular statistics and are not displayed on the statistics screen. Enhanced Atk and MAtk are pure attack statistics and ignore general Def / MDef statistics. Only Def / MDef Enhanced statistics can reduce this. Therefore, it is better to “prioritize” when you “fix” this. Because money is cheaper and still gives a good bonus.To improve the product, go to Fake to improve the equipment Prontera.

But be careful. Improvement after 4 may not have succeeded! The classic RO player knows that my favorite weapon has been improved to seven, and my chest hurts when it disappears in the air. However, the Ragnarok mobile player cannot be cleared, and the items will not disappear forever. Instead, there are only two scenarios that fail: 1) return to a lower level of improvement (for example, from 4 to 3) or 2) to a lower level of cleaning, indicated by a red element icon and a red hammer icon, and an abbreviation.

This is a trick: you can still fix damaged items! The only drawback of broken items is that they cannot be fixed. That’s all! Therefore, some people prefer to buy broken things in the stock market, because prices are cheap. If you don’t have a problem, you still don’t want to fix it, right? Get a copy of the same article. It doesn’t matter if there are no scrubbers or slot numbers with the same number. Then talk to Hollergrehnn again and complete the broken item. Instead of changing it, the recovery window is displayed.


Requirements: Zeny for level 1, Mora Coins for level 2+

Where: Cat NPC, Geffen 12 o’clock

Enchantment is an expensive way, but it is very powerful, although it can give random bonuses to objects.There are several types of dependencies that can be found and opened for Mora (Cata NDK). Now you can start with the basic charms. Basic enchantment requires only 5,000 cents, but does not provide adequate statistics.

Luxurious charm is required for the Mora coin. Mora coins for 50,000 zeny can be purchased on Prontera NPC (near Miu). Or you can get it from 10 friends of Mora.









You can get a friendship badge when you search and remember with your partner. Because of this, you should always help your friends as much as possible in order to save money on charisma.Here’s how it works: Sometimes you get a bonus when you electrify an item.

You can periodically check this bonus by clicking the information icon in the Enchantment window.Then you can lure you until you are satisfied with the bonus (or until you have no money and more coins) Some statistics show a Poring icon. That is, the bonus status is above average.

When you complete the attraction of items, “Enchanted Attributes” will appear in the article statistics. Unlike advanced functions, you cannot combine key rings with one item and send it to another item. The impression is different from the charm.


Requirements: materials depending on item

Where: inventory window

Last update. This may be the biggest challenge, and this is a long-term goal for a complete improvement of the subject. You can verify this by touching the item and marking the red arrow icon next to it. Update button.

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining & Enchanting

You can increase the element to four levels: I, II, III and End Form. You can view the bonuses and upgrade level materials needed in the “Product Details” panel. The expansion card slot is removed if there are two card slots (only one slot remains, if it remains).

To update an item, click the up arrow button to display the necessary material for the update. With Zeny, you can buy ingredients from the market. If not, you must grow on your own. However, administrators can be very difficult with high settings!

The following example will be the slave of the next upgrade, which will increase my magic to level III and provide special bonuses, such as reduced reading time. If your requirements for a final order are very difficult to fulfill, there may be situations where you have 3rd level items that are sorted and refined better than final items.

Important notes

  • Adding Card Slots
    • All Enhancements/Refines/Enchantments/Upgrades will not be affected when adding a card slot
    • The 10 equipment materials used to add a slot must be +0 Refine
  • Broken items
    • You can still Enhance and Enchant broken items (thanks to /u/Gaezilla!) (not sure yet about Upgrading)
    • You can use broken items to repair another broken item
    • You cannot use broken items to add a slot
  • Shared Storage (thanks to /u/eggy_CBK!)
    • You can’t put Enhanced items to your Shared Storage, you need to transfer the enhancements first to another item
    • You can share Refined/Upgraded/Enchanted items with no problems
  • Selling on Exchange (thanks to /u/RandomBrigade!)
    • When selling an Upgraded item on the Exchange, you will be asked to remove the Upgrades first with a zeny refund
    • When selling an Enhanced item on the Exchange, the Enhancements will be removed
    • Sell be Enchanted items on the Exchange
    • You can sell broken items to the Exchange
  • You can also buy materials from the Lucky Shop if you’re feeling lucky! (thanks to /u/stepncbsg!)


Keep in mind that low-level, but well-developed characters are far from control and much better than advanced characters with complex and unexpected low-level equipment. So explore the best equipment in its class, collect data and save on equipment upgrades!


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