Ultimate Guide to Cooking Gourmet Food in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


Ultimate Guide to Cooking Gourmet Food in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Cooking and eating at Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love gives you bonuses and wonderful lovers for a while.This is an effective and easy way to improve your farm.

This guide explains how to cook and eat a gourmet in Ragnarok M, as well as how to improve your cooking level.

At first, it’s a bit awkward and difficult, but we came to help you become a professional chef.


  • Here is a brief overview of the gourmet cooking and eating mechanism: by eating cooked food, you can get additional statistics ..
  • HP / SP landing data at a reasonable price.
  • High food limit (for example, six foods can accumulate at the same time) The cooking recipe improves recipes.
  • You can stop cooking by talking to Pizza in Association Cuisine and stopping the search.
  • Materials can be purchased at the materials and primary materials store.
  • The mastery of cooking is increased by making the recipe

Taste is also valued after tasting the recipe

Benefits of Cooking and Eating Gourmet Foods

1.Bonus Stats and Buffs

Gourmet food provides maximum statistics in a few minutes / hour.


  • Max. HP 500, maximum SP 50MDef 38 Slowdown reduced by -2.25%.
  • It does not die when there is a shock. 1 Your phone has been saved. Be invincible for the next 2 seconds.
  • The CD effect is 15 seconds and can be run twice.
  • You can eat a lot of food at the same time, and the effect will accumulate.
  • You can increase the stack limit by reducing the taste level (which will be explained in more detail later).

2.HP/SP Discharge

Food also offers HP / SP release, which HP / SP automatically replenishes when it reaches a certain percentage. The more stars on the board, the higher the HP / SP value.

3.Permanent Stat Bonuses

Permanent bonus is applied as described in “The Adventures of the Chef” and “Civil Awards”. (Read more below.) This bonus applies to all the characters in your account – your news albums can kill Smokies instantly!

4.Adventure EXP

Get adventure experience points by cooking and discovering new recipes. Cooking is a great way to raise your level of adventure with a variety of open recipes.

Cooking Level (a.k.a. Cookbook Level)

Cooking gives you a level of cooking and experience points. This is the same level as the cookbook.


  • Increasing the cooking level has two advantages:
  • Increase the success rate of cooking.

How to Upgrade Cooking Level

To raise the level of your cookbook, you can cook a variety of recipes! A good choice is to browse the list of recipes to cook and cook all the dishes individually.

We have made a complete list of all the recipes and ingredients and dishes here!

If you want to increase the level of cooking, you can cook recipes that are not yet at the master level in cooking 10, so you can cook recipes at the same time and kill two birds with one stone. (Learn more about culinary art below.)

Recipes with a lot of stars give you more experience with the chefs, but more difficult because they were not crowned with success. Raise your cooking level.

Thousands of zeny stand. Always increase your cooking level as soon as possible so that he doesn’t lose cooking!

Taste Level (a.k.a. Gourmet Level)

If you eat cooked food, you can taste it. You can check the taste of the manual.

Leveling up your Taste level will increase your Food Buff stack limit.

You can order up to six food at max taste level.

How to Upgrade Taste Level

After you have done your best to suit your preferences, talk to the Aiya Nord NPC in the kitchen and adjust the cooking level. So do not lose your feelings!

Don’t be confused with regular cooking

  • Cook/Taste Level = per character
  • Cook/Taste Mastery = per recipe/cuisine

Benefits of Food Cook & Taste Mastery

By the time you reach Recipe 10, you will always love all the heroes in this kitchen’s account, such as the cards / hats in the manual. This gives you a low level of significant advantage alternatives.

Cooking and Taste Mastery (per Recipe)

Make the most recipes and try as many recipes as possible. If you master a level 10 boss and a level 10 master, each bonus will be paid.You can check the Cook & Taste Mastery Levels of each recipe by clicking on the recipe in your Handbook.

How to Level up Food Cook & Taste Mastery Level

The recipe tastes the mastery of this recipe for dinner, while at the same time producing an experience for this cuisine.

How to Unlock cooking

If you climb Adventure Rating F, you can talk to the Food Association Pizza and release the dish. This visit is very short and you can get it after you finish searching for a recipe book.

This item is used to start cooking. See detailed instructions here: How to Unlock cooking

How to Gather Ingredients

Obviously, you need ingredients before you cook. As you learned how to unlock a dish, you can eat an eagle in the eyes of the chef and kill the monsters with horrible ingredients.

Chef’s Eagle Eyes can be bought at the chef’s store. Shop frequently for the ingredients and materials you want. However, in the shops of rare goods you can buy only certain ingredients every day. He also sells various ingredients daily, such as the Lucky Shop.


Always buy all the ingredients of rare ingredients, even if you have not planned them. They are not expensive and will help you to have enough culinary ingredients in the future.

How to Cook

To start cooking, remove the cookbook from the warehouse. This is the cooking interface. On the left are two buttons for unlocking manual and automatic recipes.

Manual Cooking

This is useful when you want to cook a new recipe that has not been unlocked. First click the basket icon (?) To select a cooking station. From left to right, there are four options:

Improved working surfaces for cooking kebabs and barbecue dishes – roast, steak, salad and barbecue kebabs Station – used to make desserts, sashimi and drinks.

Select a brew house and click the icon below to add ingredients. The resulting recipe and its achievements are displayed on the right. You will get everything.

Instantly Cook Unlocked Recipes

The second interface is used to make recipes that you already know. This will display a list of recipes that you have opened.

Choose a recipe, enter the desired amount and immediately get ready. Please check that the inventory is in the right material.

Cooking Recipes

In this game, dozens of recipes for cooking and unlocking. Each recipe requires a different combination of ingredients and kitchen utensils, each offers its own set of bonuses.

The following link:


Cooking in Ragnarok Mobile is easy and simple. This is a good job if you want to get out of your situation or get out of the battle with monsters and calm down a bit. Whatever it is, spend as much time as possible on the cooking process. This is because polishing efficiency can be greatly improved. Fast level? Comments below!


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