Turkey Feast Celebration (Sisley Quest) Guide


Turkey Feast Celebration (Sisley Quest) Guide

Five Turkish festivals can be held once a day from 15 to 29 November (for an additional fee). This quest will give you a free gift every time you complete it, and you will receive a free Blue Grr in Turkey in 5 days. (Related: Thanksgiving Day Event in November)

Turkey Feast Gift Box

After each search, you will receive a Turkish gift box once a day, containing one of the following articles:

Special Skill used in Vending Machines (Level 3 Guild) A 5-fold turkey party is also active in a box of food, which a great lover gives 208 minutes. On the 5th day, you will receive the Turkish Grr project after completing the search 5.

You can start the first day at any time and end another day at any time. The last day to start the search is November 22, 2018. The event will end on November 29, 2018, so start and end between these dates.

Day 1: Talk to Sisley in Prontera

Sisley between Tilin and Pronter.

Then you must go to Ziken Duncan Geffen. Turkey.

Items.Jiken holidays holiday ragnarok eternal love three questions Q: Just choose the second option for each question! Geffen-Türkei-Suche NPC

Day 2: Talk to Jiken at Geffen

The second day starts with Jiken at the entrance to the Geffen dungeon. If you ask, answer your first choice.

You will be prompted to collect Futaba Grass outside of Geffen. Jiken Turkey vacation search ragnarok eternal love futaba GrassTalk several times to get the goods.

Day 3: Talk to Jicken Geffen.

3rd Day with Jiken at the entrance to Geffen.

Day 4: Talk to Jicken of Geffen.

Day 4 also begins with Jiken near the Geffen dungeon. Jicken opens the search for turkey and eternal love. This includes Novis Drilling You Death

Day 5: Finally tell Jiken!

Finally, tell Jiken. They talk to other NPS and collect magic grass from goblins.

Thanksgiving Day ends with fireworks, a traditional gift (gift box and Turkish food), as well as a Turkish plan.


Since it ends on November 29th, there is time to finish by the fifth day. Start your search before November 22. The search start date is the last available. Turkey Gift Box Can you make a hat in Turkey? Please leave a comment below or visit our Facebook page!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Grinding, Adventurers!


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