This is the Details and Link Database of Ragnarok M Update Episode 4.0


This is the Details and Link Database of Ragnarok M Update Episode 4.0

Ragnarok M Update Episode 4.0

Are you ready to face the latest update in episode 4 that will come in April 2019? If you are still confused about what will be present in episode 4, you don’t need to worry. Because Mobileague will help provide information about Ragnarok M Update Episode 4.0

The things you will meet can be divided into 3 parts, namely

  • Gameplay
    • JOB Class 3 New
    • Add Level Cap
    • New Map and Dungeon
  • Item and Collection
    • New Pet and Mount
    • New Gear and Equipment
    • Costume Design System
  • Others
    • Double Rewards Top Up Reset

These three things are the things that you will find in this latest Ragnarok M Eternal Love Episode 4.0 update.

New Gameplay Episode 4.0

  • Base LV increased to Lv 110
  • Attributes can be increased to 119 points
  • The opening of Endles Tower on the 100th floor and the MVP EP 4.0 monster like GARM and others will appear from the 80th floor
  • The newest city (Castle in the Sky – Juno Castle)
    • (access via North Al De Baran to get to Juno Castle)
  • The 5 most recent maps have been opened
    • Border Checkpoint
    • Ain Brock Wilderness
    • Magma Dungeon 1F-3F.
      • For players who like AFK can enter the 3F Dungeon Magma where the most monster places are there.
  • The newest boss (Can be found in the Ain Brock Wilderness and Magma Dungeon area)
    • MVP-Arc Angeling
    • MVP-Firelord Kaho
    • Mini-Fire Witch
  • Juno Quest (Main Quest) can be accessed (Register Juno quest can be checked here)
  • Improved Skill description (Zen, Fingger Offensive, Beast on Sniper)
  • Classic Vending Skills for Merchants are the same as in RO Classic
  • All Mercenary Cat NPCs will be on Prontera,
  • You will be able to rent 2 Mercenary Cats and Mercenary Adventure Skill will give you 4 Mercenary Cats to rent simultaneously
  • Max Party member limit increases from 5 to 6

Latest Job Class

  • The latest update for Job 3 has been opened, the condition is that the player must reach Lv 70 Job to open the quest to change Job 3
  • When completing the latest Monument and achieving Job 3 you can receive an Aeisr Quest for Job 3
  • Development of guide build options for Job 3 attributes
  • The character must complete the 2nd Trans Job
Basic Job Job Choice 3 Job Choice 3
Cleric Arch Bishop Shura
Thief Guillotine Cross Shadow Chaser
Archer Ranger
Merchant Mecha Genetic
Mage Warlock
Swordsman Rune Knight Royal Guard

Oracle Dungeon

  • In this dungeon there are 3 difficulties, completing the 3 difficulty levels will get reward
  • Oracle Dungeon will reset every Monday at 05:00
  • After completing the challenge, it is possible to drop the 【Poker Card】 and 【Tarot Card】, which contains a random card (unable to unlock the album)
  • Open the 【Tarot Card】 which is less likely to get a special Oracle Dungeon Card
  • If you get an oracle dungeon card, you can unlock the attribute and it cannot be entered in Exchange Market / Auction
  • Completing Oracle Dungeon will also get Friendship Points.

Item And Collection in episode 4.0 update

Some types of updates that you can find in the addition of items, collections and also pet and mount

Mount Baru Job 3

Some of these mounts are premium mounts, which have differences in color or appearance. Standard mount prices range from 1.5 million to 3 million zeny

Job 3 Name of Mount Price Information
Rune Knight Valg Green Petite 30,000,000 Zeny Learn 
Training skills
Royal Knight Saint Gryphon 
Night Fire Gryphon
30,000,000 Zeny
Ranger Ruca 198 Big Cat Coin Complete 
Quest Ruca
Ranger Be careful 30,000,000 Zeny Get 
Pet Care from 
Mechanic Mecha Helm 3,000,000 Zeny Headgear
Mechanic Splendide 30,000,000 For Mechanic
Mechanic Helmet Splendide 3,000,000 Zeny For Mechanic
Rune Knight Atlan Green Petite 198 Big Cat Coin
Rune Knight Dulange Green Petite 198 Big Cat Coin
Rune Knight Green Petite Rilada 198 Big Cat Coin
Royal Guard Red-Bristled Gryphon 198 Big Cat Coin
Royal Guard Brown Gryphon Feather 198 Big Cat Coin

3 Latest Pet in Ragnarok

Little Witch, Cruiser, Teddy Bear, can be obtained through the Endless Tower in the form of 【Worn out Gorgeous Clip, 【Toy gun】, 【Gift Box】, and all three items can use Colorfull Shel to exchange it too

Job Costume Design 3

In Prontera players can visit the Enos NPC to design the Costume, provided they reach Job 3. To unlock other models there are requirements that must be achieved, details of unlock can visit Enos Shop

Reset Reward Points

  • Reset Double Reward Prime TopUp : 30/120/298/598 Big Cat Coin at each bar, after maintenance will be reset, reset the topup first
  • Premium 【EP 4.0】, at a price of 7.99 USD and the price of 【EP 2.0 / 3.0】 will return to 10.99 USD
  • Note: iOS users are required to update the new version to buy premium 【EP 4.0】,
  • After verification is complete we will update in the App Store to launch the latest APP for players who want to download
  • Repair: fix the loss of the Star Butterfly Dawn – Yellow headwear icon.

Ragnarok M Important Database Link Until Episode 4.0

The following is an important link that you can make the database material for Ragnarok M Eternal Love in episode 4.0 this time. (Credit to: Yuuki, Fongnom, Nenja, Clo, Bearnard, coolcheze)

So little detail that can help you to adventure in the game Ragnarok M Eternal Love 
If there is wrong information, please provide comments and solutions, we will fix it immediately. Also read other gaming tips about ragnarok 


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