Six Hidden Scenery for Ragnarok Eternal Love for the Morroc Area, Find Hidden Photo Spot!


Six Hidden Scenery for Ragnarok

The following is the place for Hidden Scenery Ragnarok Eternal Love in the area around Morroc. Don’t miss it!
Besides providing a place for farming and grinding , Ragnarok Eternal Love also prepares various interesting places for you to take pictures. Lots of views that you can photograph. You can usually find scenes on a map with a blue camera logo, but some are hidden and not many people know. This scene is called Hidden Scenery Ragnarok Eternal Love .

In all areas there are several Hidden Scenery. This time, the author will tell you where Hidden Scenery is in the Morroc area . Just immediately check below the places!

1. Sograt Desert 1

You can find Hidden Scenery in the first Morroc area at the entrance to the Ant Hell dungeon. The location is in the middle east of the Sogra Desert area. Install your camera and aim at the Ant Hell gate which is like the mouth of a fanged monster. When the green camera icon appears, just take a picture.

2. Sograt Desert 2

You can find the second Hidden Scenery Desert in the central south. There is a building like a house that has become rubble. Go back to your camera to wake up until the camera icon appears. The portrait and the picture have been entered into your photo album.

3. Ant Hell 1

After Sograt Desert, moved to Ant Hell. In this ant dungeon there are two Hidden Scenery. The first you can find in the northern part of Ant Hell. You can see the exact location in the screenshot below.

There, you will see a stack of large chests along with some debris. Point your camera to the chest until the camera icon appears. When it appears, just take a picture.

4. Ant Hell 2

The second Hidden Scenery of Anthell is in the south, entering the only dead-end lane there. You will find a monument in the form of a giant monster fang. Just photos of that location.

5. Pyramid 2F 1

After finishing at Ant Hell. It’s time to move to Dungeon Pyramid. The first floor of the Pyramid does not have Hidden Scenery, only on the second floor.

Hidden Scenery Pyramid The first 2F is located near the portal in and out of the second floor. Enter camera mode and navigate to a giant gate. When a camera icon appears, you just have to take a portrait.

6. Pyramid 2F 2

The last Hidden Scenery in the Morroc area is the southwest corner of Pyramid 2F. You just have to find an Anubis statue that stands tall. Portrait of the pantung to open the Hidden Scenery.

There are six Hidden Scenery in the Morroc area. To take a photo, make sure the camera icon is green. If it’s still gray, the Hidden Scenery won’t appear on Album. If there is no camera icon when shooting Hidden Scenery and you have confirmed that it is indeed the place, then you have not completed the quests in that area.


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