Rayquaza legendary raid hour to take place at Pokémon GO ( This Sunday, September 1st )


The legendary raid hour with Rayquaza Pokemon will be the last time this cycle. It will take place on September 1 from 6 to 7 pm in your local time. And as we are all used to, the number of five-star raids with Reykvaza will be increased at this event.

Rayquaza legendary raid hour to take place at Pokémon GO ( This Sunday, September 1st )

Rayquaza Legendary Raid Hour

  • The event starts on September 1 at 18:00 local time.
  • The event ends on September 1 at 19:00 your local time.
  • At this time, the Raid Boss Raid raid will appear on almost all towers.
  • You can meet Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon GO.

Who to beat Rayquaza in infographics

The best Pokémon for defeating Reykwaza are shown in the following infographic:

Event guide

Everyone will have only one hour to catch a lot of Reykvaz. But a significant part of this time will be spent on 2-minute expectations before each battle. Therefore, such events are very fast. Here are some tips for your convenience.

Warn your friends and gather a raid group in advance.

Large groups of high-level players and excellent Pokemon strike teams will quickly complete any raid in Pokemon GO. Win speed can save you a lot of the precious time it will take for the next raids.

You will need to find a place for the game, where a large number of gems that are nearby: parks and various public places.

Plan your route so that all coaches know the sequence of battles on specific towers.

After defeating every Rayquaza, you need to use berries to increase the chance of catching each ball. In addition, you must carefully throw them so that Reykwaza does not beat Pokebola. Thus we will spend less time allotted for his capture.

You can catch Reykwaz even on the way to the next gym, where Raid Boss is located. At the same time, be sure to monitor the world around you so that you are safe.

Play Pokémon GO with your friends and have a great time in this legendary raid hour with Raid Boss Rayquaza.


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