Ragnarok M X Ultraman Crossover event


In March 2019, Ragnarok Online Mobile Eternal Love again held an interesting event with the theme Ragnarok MX Ultraman Crossover. There will be 7 different events that will take place during this March. The event itself is planned to take place until April. The following ROMELID will provide information about the ongoing Ultraman Crossover Even Ragnarok MX.

Event 1: Universe savior “Ultraman” is here!

During the event, the adventure can go to the city of Prontera to meet the NPC “Ultraman Orb” and receive the ” Investigating Universe Monster Quest” . After successfully completing the quest for each day you will get 3 items in the form of Ultraman Summon Scroll, Ultraman Energy Food and 20 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath. If you successfully complete the quest until the last day you will get the Orb Doll Hat Blueprint. Rewards and quests are only valid for 1 character in 1 account. Event Period: March 13, 05:00 – April 13 – 5:00

Event 2: Ultraman Gachapon Costume!

During the Event, Gachapon costume will be present at Prontera Square. In this Gachapon there will be Attack Team Uniform, Ultraman Orb, Ultraman Zero using 30 Big Cat Coin. Event Period: March 21 05:00 – April 11 05:00

Event 3: New Dungeon Earth Crevice, save the universe with Ultraman!

  1. During the Event, Adventurers who are members of the party can enter Earth Crevice through the Ultraman Zero NPC on Prontera Square.
  2. If you manage to prepare the dungeon for the first time every day you will get ” 5 Gift from Nebula M78 ″ .
  3. Only at the first time clear the dungeon will get a reward, and the maximum can enter the 10x dungeon.
  4. After completing the dungeon, the system will give a rating according to how many monsters are defeated. Rating rewards will be given to players who get the highest rating during the event.

Ultraman Unlock series Headwear and costume will get extra “Gift from Nebula M78” as a reward:

  • Headwear Unlock 1, will get 1 extra “Gift from Nebula M78”;
  • Unlock 3 Headwear, will get 1 extra “Gift from Nebula M78”;
  • Unlock 5 Headwear, will get 1 extra “Gift from Nebula M78”;
  • Unlock 7 Headwear, will get 1 extra “Gift from Nebula M78”;
  • Unlock 10 Headwear, will get 1 extra “Gift from Nebula M78”;

In the dungeon the calculation is as follows:

  • Killing 30-59 monsters in the time given will get the title “Planetary Patroller” and 1 “Garrison Candidate Supply Pack” as a reward.
  • Killing 60-89 monsters in the time given will get the title “Stellar Inspector” and 2 “Garrison Candidate Supply Pack” as a reward.
  • Killing 90-119 monsters within the given time limit will get the title “Alien Observer” and 2 “Active Garrison Supply Pack” as a reward.
  • Killing more than 120 monsters within the given time will get the title “Nebula Commander” and 3 “Active Garrison Supply Pack” as rewards.
  • Open “Gift from Nebula M78” will randomly get the number “Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath”
  • Open “Garrison Candidate Supply Pack 78” will get 50 “Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath”;
  • Getting the “Active Garrison Supply Pack” will be able to unlock the title “Cosmic Garrison”; open to get 100 “Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath”;
  • For the second highest ranking position, you will get the achievement title “Cosmic Garrison”

Event Period: March 27 05:00 – 10 April 05:00

Event 4: “Galaxy Store” appears in limited time!

“Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath” can be used in the “Galaxy Store” found on Prontera Square to be exchanged for “Ultraman Card”, “Monster Card”, or “Monster Avatar”, etc. Event Period: March 13 05:00 – April 27 05:00

Event 5: “Ultraman Premium” has been sold for limited time!

“Ultraman Premium” will be launched at the B Coin store for a limited period of time at 128 Big Cat Coin and will get extra Eleking mini pets. Opening Ultraman Premium will get an Eleking pet egg, 1000 Eden Coins. Event Period: March 27 05:00 – April 27 05:00.

Event 6: “Exclusive Cotume” at Auction!

The costume “Ultraman Tiga” which is only 1 in Ragnarok will be present at Auction on April 5, 20:00. Auction time: April 5 20:00

Event 7: Make monsters as pets!

“Monster’s wish” will appear in the B Coin Store for limited time at 18 Big Cat Coin. (there is no limit on purchases.). Contents of “Monster’s wish”: 2 Cosmic Soup, 50 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath, Lv.5 Talent Fruit, and M78 Nebula Costume Voucher. You can exchange Gomora Pajamas, GUTS WING 1, King Joe Doll Hat, Bemstar Doll Hat, and Baltan Doll Hat using the M78 Nebula Costume Voucher. Event Period: March 15 05:00 -15 April 05:00

For more information, visit their official website and pages.


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