Ragnarok Eternal Love and Ragnarok Mobile Online 5 Differences in Character Build

Ragnarok Eternal Love and Ragnarok Mobile Online 5 Differences in Character Build
Ragnarok Eternal Love and Ragnarok Online 5 Differences in Character Build

When developing your character, there is a big difference in Ragnarok Eternal Love and Ragnarok Online PC! What should be considered?


Although it feels fun for nostalgia for Ragnarok Eternal Love has a character build system that is different from the Ragnarok Online PC that we all know. Although almost all of the skill and character types both games are quite similar, but in fact there are (at least) five major differences that you have to pay attention to as build character.

The following are five things that distinguish the Ragnarok Eternal Love and Ragnarok Mobile Online classic character build :

1. Ragnarok Eternal Love Always Damages

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The first difference is the absence of minimal and maximum damage on the mobile version ; the entire attack in Ragnarok Eternal Love give a fixed damage ( damage fixed) which can be calculated mathematically.

This will certainly make it easier for players to hunt monsters , because if your basic damage exceeds the limit of their cellphones, you can kill them easily.

Unlike the case with Ragnarok Online PC, every Job has a difference in damage through the weapons they use. For example, if you use an ax, the difference in minimum and maximum amount of damage is enough!

2. Many Sets and Equipment Choices in Ragnarok Eternal Love

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If you play Ragnarok Online classic, you might still remember that the equipment system is not as complex as Ragnarok Eternal Love which immediately gives a large selection of combinations of weapons and other equipment . This is what makes you have to understand what equipment sets are most suitable for your build .

Not just equipment , but card combinations are also affected. So that Ragnarok Eternal Love feels complex and needs to be studied further and makes dizzy people dizzy.

3. Enchant System that Provides High Status Boost

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Ragnarok Eternal Love has many ways to provide upgrades to the equipment ; one of them is the Enchant system using Mora Coin at Geffen. The Enchant System can make you look strong or not. Because some powerful Enchants provide high status boost .

Even a strong Enchant will give a fourth status which results in a higher boost . Not infrequently the players fight over this high status and then dare to spend a lot of money to get it .

4. The Unique Unlock and Deposit Features

The Unique Unlock and Deposit Features: duniagames.co.id

Again, there are other features to provide high status boost : Unlock and Deposit. Even though you need a lot of capital to collect it.

Some of the existing Gacha items also provide boost status, to the point that you feel you have to chase Gacha so that your character status will continue to increase.

Unlock and deposit that you can do at this time are cards and equipment . You can make some equipment yourself by buying the recipe at the NPC. But some recipes will open when you complete a mission or from certain monsters. While for cards there are two ways, namely drop from monsters and also crafting .

5. Rune feature from the Diverse Aeisr Monument


Finally, Ragnarok Eternal Love offers a grid -based upgrade system . Maybe if you have played Final Fantasy X , you have tasted a similar system, called the Sphere Grid.

To get a new skill , or called rune , you must make a material contribution to the Guild Hall . Some key skills require the Gold Medal to get it, while the Gold Medal is derived from the contribution of boss items .

Rune itself makes Ragnarok Eternal Love far different from original Ragnarok Online . The skill build you use will be even more diverse and make the game more complex. But the thrill, changes in the style of this game also does not eat a lot of Zeny .

More or less, there are five fairly obvious differences from these two MMORPG versions. Do you agree?


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