Poring Fight Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


Poring Fight Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

It’s time for Poring Island to wake up and do some annoying boring actions! Today at 20:00 GMT (21:00 GMT) on the SEA server for the first time the Poring Fight event starts!

All the mini-games that you can expect from the event, provide a base and a gift.

What is Poring Fight?

Poring Fight is a new mini-game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, in which players can play various games and fight each other in the arena.

This weekly event is held every Wednesday night (GMT 7). The goal is simple: take as many golden apples as possible!

Protect yourself at the same time as you can, and do not attack other players at the same time! Gift boxes are also displayed in the game, and you will gain additional skills when you receive a gift box.

Some monsters feed on the stadium. If you kill them, you will gain additional skills, but if you fall into it, you will lose a few apples! If you lose all your golden apples, it will become a ghostly ring, but if you pick two apples, you will be resurrected.

How to go to Poring Island

To get to the island of Poring, go to the desert Sograt (southern Morocco) and take the east gate.

The NPC Poring Battle is in the middle of Poring Island.

Strategy – How to win Poring Fight easily!

If possible, do not fight. If you lose all the apples, you will become a ghostly ring that moves very slowly. You can get some energy from the chest.

Skill Effect
Loot nearby apples for 5 secs
Increase movespeed +50% for 10 secs
Throw a bomb
Small AoE attack
Set a trap that slows enemies
  • Deviruchi – teleport/blink a short distance in front of you
  • Angeling – barrier that protects you from 1 attack (lasts 30 secs)
  • Deviling – reduces Apple loss by 1/4 (lasts 10 secs)
  • Myst Case – become invisible (lasts 5 secs)
  • Cookie – dash attack to your front (casting time 1.5 secs)

Poring Fight Rewards

At the end of the game, the player is added to the leaderboard, and items are collected depending on the number of golden apples collected.

Poring’s Favor

The player uses boredom depending on the number of apples received during the game.

  • Top 1 — 240 Poring’s Favor
  • Top 2 — 120 Poring’s Favor

With this call you can purchase products in the Poring store. Here are some items you can purchase. There is another way to get Adventure meatballs (our favorite item!).

Monument of Esir Golden rune medal. All participants also received 10,000 zeny, 3 experienced and 15 medal winners for the first offensive this week. (Only once per account).

Guardian Medals

If you play Poring Fight for the first time every week, you will receive 15 Guardian medals.

You can buy  them:


Fighting is an exciting new gameplay with promising rewards that relax you when you are tired of hard work and farming. An Apple!


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