Pokémon GO 0.153.1 (Android 5.0+) APK – only the Fifth Generation of Pokemon


Trainers, the Pokémon GO 0.153.1 update brought us a big surprise. The developers removed from the game code all the new items that were recently discovered in APK 0.153.0. In the new update that came out today, all detected changes were deleted. Only the 5th generation of Pokemon decided to leave and concentrate on its improvements.

According to a file analysis conducted by the players, Niantic in 0.153.1 removed all the code for the following functions:

  • Route Maker – an element that allows you to create routes between Pokestops.
  • PVP ratings – seasons, fights, competition system.
  • The new Buddy system – feeding, levels, motivation.

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It seems that these features of Pokemon GO were released accidentally or prematurely. They left only data regarding the Unova region.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. Previously, the function of field quests was removed , but it was already released just a month later.

It is still unknown what will happen with such interesting new products this time. Also, the possibility of their return later is not excluded.

Perhaps the developers rolled back the version due to detected errors in the code. This often happens when several big changes are added at once. This is a common practice for software developers.

And all this happened in the Pokemon GO 0.153.1 update. We will expect that in future versions of the APK the code of the Route Maker function and the updated PvP will return. These are very interesting additions with which we would like to play. Therefore, as soon as this patch is available, we can all download Pokemon GO.

When playing Pokemon GO, always stay safe and keep an eye on the world around you.


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