How to Have Unli SP without using Blue Potions [Play Dead Skill]


Ragnarok M: Do farmers always AFC AFC always come to SP? Is the ingredient too expensive or not enough? So this guide is for you! Most people are not aware of this, but in fact you can get a very useful skill called Play Dead from NPC Southern Pronter. Learn your skills.

How it works

Once you have mastered the skill, you can access it on the Adventure Skills tab in the Skills window. If you use Dead, your character accumulates every 5 seconds to restore 10% of HP and SP. The enemy also stops attacking you. Better to avoid risk. You can also put it in the auto-skills slot, so when a character moves away from SP, he immediately plays in place to restore HP and SP for a few seconds. When HP and SP are full, the character returns and continues to attack. This is very useful for AFC agriculture. Especially good for quick SP consumption!



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