November Grateful Thanksgiving Event Guide


November Grateful Thanksgiving Event Guide

November 15, 2018 Thanksgiving Day in Turkey Ragnarok M: begins with eternal love! Follow this guide to get free rates and additional information for your event.

Holiday in Turkey Full Travel Guide:

Turkey Holidays (Sisley Quest) The Turkey Festival can be held once a day (5 times in Turkey) from 15 to 29 November. This quest will give you a free gift every time you complete it, and you will receive a free

Blue Grr in Turkey in 5 days.

You will receive these two awards every day.

After each adventure, you will receive a gift box once a day: Mastela Seed x1 – Valkyrie Gift x1 Item Preparation – Attendance Score 500 points xa Coin – Enchanting (Additional Information: Enchanting, etc.) Gold Medal x1 – (Manual aka runway) Release x50 proofs to provide 5 days leave from Turkey in our food box. Offers great lovers for 208 minutes.

Double Rewards for Guild Donation

From November 22 to November 29, two awards will be presented to guild donations! Rewards such as payouts according to the rules (medals) and golden badges are used to activate runes.

(Related: Runway System Guide) This is the best time to collect donations!

To donate to a guild member, you must give the NPC a place in the guild hall. (See “Donation Guidelines.”) Make a profit from this and deposit as much as possible into your union.

Gacha Costume (Fantasy Generator)

A fantastic generator appears in the center of Prontera in Sisley. If you are curious about this Big Cat party (orange ticket), then that’s it! Attach 30 random gift certificates and get them randomly.

You will receive this orange Big Cat coupon when you are done searching for a helper / assistant. If you reach 60 proximity points each day, you will receive one ticket. You can take a hairdressing adventure (a hairdresser in the city) or make five hats. You will get 10 tickets each.

Free Kafra Transportation and Stash Service

Transport services and Stash Kafra are free for Thanksgiving (November 15-29)! Unlike rich donkeys like you, this is good for all newbies who still have ceilings. XD

November Grateful Thanksgiving Event Guide



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