New Pet Makuro Squirrel Monster Egg Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love


Makuro Squirrel Pet is a pet that cannot be captured but can only be obtained from the Big Cat Sign-in Event . You can get a free Makuro Squirrel Monster Egg on day five. The Makuro Squirrel is a pet in the form of a cute squirrel carrying a clover leaf in his hand. Just like other pets, Makuro Squirrel Pet also has skills that can give effect to players.

The following is the skill possessed by Makuro Squirrel Pet:

In addition to the above skills, each intimacy level of Makuro Squirrel Pet will also give effect to players. Among them:

  • Intimate Lv. 3 – Dispatch unlocks
  • Intimacy Lv.5 – Boosts working efficiency by 2%
  • Intimacy Lv.8 – Boosts working efficiency by 5%
  • Intimacy Lv.10 – Unlocks Accessory Location & Boosts working efficiency by 10%

And what you need to know, this Makuro Squirrel Pet is very fond of Eastern Hazelnut food. By giving him the Eastern Hazelnut , it will increase the high intimacy for Makuro Squirrel.


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