Leveling Guide: How to Level Up Fast in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


This leveling guide gives you 9 simple tips on how to quickly balance yourself in Ragnar M: Eternal Love. We can also list all the different ways to get a lot of levels without honing experience or consuming stamina. With this guide, you will be able to combine characters as quickly and efficiently as possible, to be a farmer of the Zenk machine, or to be strong enough to be in hunting towers, barefoot, PvP or GW wars dominated. Read!


  1. Thus, you can quickly increase the level of Ragnarok Mobile: delete all newspapers daily
  2. Do Main Story quests
  3. Get Pet Labor ASAP
  4. Get a Mentor for bonus EXP
  5. Aim for monsters you can instantly kill
  6. Cook & Eat Gourmet food
  7. Know your enemy’s element, size and race
  8. Enhance, Upgrade, Enchant, Refine your equips
  9. Use Lightning Chain

Clear all Daily Quests, use Adventure Meatballs

You can create two monster resistance searches per day to increase your XP by 10 times over a period of time.

You can also get 10 message board quests per day, each ending with an adventure that offers a great experience.

Some board searches are as simple as taking a photo or accompanying a monster while some are more time consuming to kill 25 monsters.

For quests that require agricultural materials, you can purchase items needed in stock.

Instantly clear dailies using Adventure Meatballs

Good advice to take advantage of meat ball adventure (known as ball). You can buy the “mission of Mercenaries” from the Adventure Shop Meatball, an element that allows you to instantly remove quests in the message.

I would normally use the Zenar mission to perform a simple search of the board by hand, “kill the Cannon” 25 quests.

You can achieve in the Adventure of Meatballs: 20 000 000 000 000 erotic dot licking adventure stuff Pet (Culinary Center) you have to buy a big cat coin on the market and meatballs for more information.

Do Main Story quests

The main story quests are “red” exclamation marks and quests in NPC, and they offer a worthy experience.

In the early stages you should always perform basic storyline quests.

But then check out the main quest plot for more than Level 2 action, just spend all your stamina and daily quests. Some of the basic search stories need to kill the monsters and you don’t want to spend your valuable burgers and stamina not sitting well on the level. (Similar: Nival points)

Green side Quest does not offer quests and great experience. You don’t need to remove them until you have a normal quest and a left bass.

Get Pet Labor for free EXP Potions

Five employees are the best way to improve your experience. When you reach level 45, you can use it immediately!

You can send your pets Lab Lab through an article titled “Work Travel Machine”. Lunch break, giving millions of dollars to headquarters and general experience!

First of all, you do not need to do anything. Get up in the morning and celebrate dozens of free potions.

For more information, see the complete Pet Laborator brochure.

Get a Mentor for bonus EXP

Having a mentor and getting a student has great advantages in terms of leveling up:

  1. Mentors can tame their students with elements of an adventure guide, which gives a 170% bonus experience for an amazing 24 hours!
  2. Bonus points (not working in transcendental classes) Students will receive EXP points instantly for completing the following day’s assignments: 2, 6, 10 Clear quests 2.5 hours Rifts
  3. Clear Allows one learning site. 40, 50, 60 Infinite Dice Can be a mentor only if the level is below 85.

Aim for monsters you can instantly kill

You have ~ 300-360 endurance per day to maximize it!

The goal of the mob, which can kill 1-3 shots immediately, instead of going to a higher level of experience. Take five feet to kill. One of the most common 1 plates is Eggyras from Payon 1F cave.

Another tip is to tell people with more experience “time to kill” (i.e. time to kill monsters). One of the best companies offering the best value for HP and EXP is Wormtail, Dustiness and Metal of the Northern Shrine.

Therefore, this map is very crowded. Some people cannot use these items because they have a higher EXP / HP ratio, but are neutral. Again, immediate killing (or almost immediate) is important.

Here you will find a comprehensive guide to the best levels at one level. You must increase your losses to get an instant kill! In the following tips you will learn how to increase damage.

Cook & Eat Gourmet food

Many players ignore cooks and mix cookbooks.

Most players do not realize that HP / SP offers bonus statistics, buffs and withdrawals, which are very expensive. Cooking is very easy, inexpensive, and even cheaper than producing, increasing, or purchasing equipment in a short period of time. Food Stack Limitations A good idea is to start cooking and maximize your cooking books.

  • Higher cookbook
  • Cookbook levels = better food.

Higher seasoning levels.It’s a good idea to start cooking and expanding your cookbook.

Buy all the ingredients in the rare ingredients shop daily. After all, much will be needed.

Know your enemy’s element, size and race

In the art of war, Sun Tzu said: “You do not need to fear the consequences of a hundred battles if you know your enemies and you know yourself.” Double the damage twice or thrice! Use technology that meets your goals.

For example, Menblatt and Steam Goblin are weaker wind factors than ground targets, such as Heaven’s Drive and Land Mine.

Use the default converter or arrow for the actual attack class. Elements related to leadership Weak monsters of different sizes for certain types of weapons:

Weapon Type Small Medium Large
Bare Fist 100 100 100
Dagger 100 75 50
Sword 75 100 75
Spear 75 75 100
Axe 50 75 100
Mace 75 100 100
Staff 100 100 100
Bow 100 100 75
Claw / Knuckle 100 75 50
Book 100 100 50
Katar 75 100 75

Finally, use maps that deal damage based on race, item, and size.

Enhance, Upgrade, Enchant & Refine your equips

  1. Enhancing – Upgrade your Zeny bag to the current level and send statistics to grow other items, such as “Fix Atk
  2. Refining – Hollergrehn needs Ori / Ela. Add an “Element” and display the “Enhancement” statistics, such as “Ideal Atk” or “Ideal Mat”.
  3. Enchanting” or “Narrow Atk – Enchanting” – Increase your statistics with NPC paint as follows: Geffen, you need a Jenny or Mora coin to get random bonus.
  4. Upgrading -High (I, II, III, final order) Read the complete guide to update, update and clean

Use Lightning Chain

With a lightning chain, you can double it at double speed. You must activate it as often as possible. Especially if you do not have to spend a lot of time during the day. You can consume your daily stamina. To further strengthen the lightning chain, enjoy gourmet food and STAT food to kill monsters faster while the lightning chain continues. VIP users do not have this restriction.


There are many ways and techniques to gain experience and get up very quickly. The coolness of Ragnarok M is that you can reach many levels without doing anything! Comments below!


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