King Poring’s Adventure — Ragnarok M: Eternal Love March Event


King Poring's Adventure — Ragnarok M: Eternal Love March Event

Entering March 2019, Eternal Love’s Ragnarok Online Mobile held an event called King Poring Adventure. There will be 7 different events during the King Poring Adventure. What events will be present at King Poring Adventure? The following Ragnarok M: Eternal Love will provide complete information.

Event 1: King Poring Adventure

King Poring is currently holding a party which is only celebrated once a year. But in the kingdom of Poring there is an evil force that is planning something to thwart the event. The Poring who were aware of this headed to Prontera to seek help from Adventurers. You can meet the Popo NPCs in Prontera to open the King Poring Quest. This quest can only be done in 1 character in 1 ID. If you successfully complete the quest, every day you will get a “blessing poring” box.

Event Period: 1 March 2019 05:00 – 15 March 2019 05:00

Event 2: Poring Island Division – collect

Poring Celebration Medal Poring Celebration Medal Dropped by Shadow and Undead element monsters
poring celebration king poring adventure event Poring Celebration Dropped by Shadow (a.k.a. Dark) element monsters
poring conspiracy king poring adventure event Poring Conspiracy Dropped by Undead element monsters

Devil Poring is gathering dark soldiers to come and hunt us all. Because of that, please ask Adventurer to move quickly.

  1. Monsters with dark elements (besides quest monsters and endless towers) will have the possibility of dropping the Poring Festival and poring festival medals.
  2. Monsters with Undead elements (besides quest monsters and endless towers) are likely to drop Poring Conspiracies and poring festival medals.
  3. Collecting the specified amount of material can go to the south gate to combine into Sakura Poring Card
  4. CArd Sakura Poring Material: 200 Poring Festivals and 200 Poring conspiracies.

The period of making Sakura Poring Card is 11 March 2019 05:00 – 6 April 2019 05:00. Msaa Event: March 11 2019 05:00 – 18 March 2019 05:00

Event 3: Poring Island Division – Undercover

Located on North Prontera there are several Devil poring who are hiding, they are trying to damage the king poring festival. And beg all Adventurers to get rid of them. Make sure the adventurers have learned the Ghost camera skill to be able to hunt Devil Poring.

  1. Use the camera while at North Prontera, will have the possibility of the appearance of Devil Poring
  2. Beat them and possibly drop the “blessing poring” box
  3. During the event every day, only a maximum of 1 poring blessing box is obtained.

Event Period: March 18 2019 05:00 – March 25 2019 05:00

Event 4: Double Reward mission board

During the event, the first character on 1 account that completes the quest for the first time will get a double reward, each completing 10 quests will get an additional reward 5 Poring festivals, 5 Poring conspiracies, 5 medal poring festivals. Event Period: March 18 05:00 – March 25, 05:00

Event 5: Training Ground double reward

During the Event, the first character in 1 account that completes the ground training will get a double reward. Events are limit to 1 account for 1 character only. Event Period: March 25 05:00 – 1 April 05:00

Event 6: Limited Sell King poring festival giftbox

  1. At the Big Cat coin shop, a Peach Blossom Poring Box will be opened which is sold at 6 Big cat coins, each account can only buy up to 30 pieces. Fill in the giftbox: 2-5 God Dus, 2-5 God Crystal
  2. The Big Cat coin shop will open the Sakura Box with a fall of Poring at a price of 15 Big Cat coins, each account can only buy up to 30 pieces. Fill in giftbox: 12-25 Mora coin

For Sakura’s Poring Drop Box, it will be available on March 7 05:00 – March 14, 05:00 and Peach Blossom Poring Box March 23 05:00 – April 23 05:00

Event 7: Fantasy Generator Feast will be open

At this time the Fantasy Generator Feast has the theme Star Orchestra, which has 10% to get it. Event Period: March 14, 05:00 – March 28, 05:00


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