Kafra Co. Labor Day Event Guide (May Event)


Kafra Co. Labor Day Event Guide (May Event)The Kafra Co. occasion will happen all through May until June, and heaps of journeys, rewards and rewards anticipate all Ragnarok Mobile players!

In this guide we list down every one of the occasions, journeys and how to get all prizes from the Kafra Co. Work’s Day occasion for the long stretch of May.



May 2 – 9: Time Rifts will give Kafra Blessing Giftbox reward

May 2 – 16: 5-Day quest, Talk to Ophelia in Prontera square

May 9 – 16: “Kafra Farm” instance, Talk to Clarice in Prontera square


May 9 – 16: Hollgrehenn Refining Discount

May 16 – 23: Monsters in North Prontera will drop Kafra Emblems at 12-1PM, 6-7PM GMT+7

May 16 – 23: Guild Donation double rewards

May 23 – 30: Guild Facility upgrade process increased by 50%


May 1 – June 15: Kafra Emblem can be traded on the Exchange


May 16 – 30: Monster Pajamas Gachapon costume


May 9 – 16: Refining Giftboxes for sale

May 23 – 30: Kafra Co.s Giftbox for sale

1. Kafra’s Encouragement (One-time reward)

📅 April 29

🙋‍♂️ Once per account only

Get 3x Kafra Blessing Giftbox by means of in-amusement mail. It will contain prizes and Kafra seals, just as a 10% possibility of accepting Cersei’s Memory Blueprint

Kafra Blessing Giftbox rewars for Kafra Co Labor Day occasion in May

2. Kafra Co. – Sign-in Mission (5-Day Quest)

📅 May 2 – May 16

🎁 1x Kafra Blessing Giftbox every day

🙋‍♂️ Once per account as it was

Converse with Ophelia in Prontera square ordinary and clear the every day journey to get 1 Kafra Blessing Giftbox.

Ophelia NPC Kafra Lady in Prontera Square for day by day journey Kafra Co Labor Day May occasions

Get a Glories Harvest Blueprint subsequent to clearing all journeys.

3. Time Rift additional prizes

📅 May 2 – May 9

🎁 1x Kafra Blessing Giftbox every day

🙋‍♂️ First character every day

The primary character that completes the Time Rift under each record will get a “Kafra Blessing Giftbox” as an additional reward.

Related Guide: How to Clear Time Rifts Instantly

4. Kafra Stealing Incident – Instance

📅 May 9 – May 16

🎁 1x Kafra Blessing Giftbox every day

🙋‍♂️ One character for each record day by day

Converse with Clarice in Prontera Square to enter the “Kafra Farm” case.

Thrashing all non-representative intruders to get a Kafra Blessing Giftbox consistently.

5. Kafra Co’s. Appreciation – Refine Discount

📅 May 9 – May 16

Essential Refine: Zeny cost will be half off

Safe Refine +1 to +4: Zeny cost will be half off

Safe Refine +4 or more: Zeny cost will be 20% off

The markdown will be same for the Guild’s “Enchantment Sewer Machine”

Hollgrehenn Refining NPC in Prontera

Look at our full manual for Refining, Upgrading, and so on here.

6. Kafra Co’s. Enemy (Monsters drop Kafra Emblem)

📅 May 16 – May 23

🎁 Kafra Emblem plunders

At 12:00PM to 1:00PM (GMT+7) and 6:00PM to 7:00PM (GMT+7) slaughter trespasser beasts in Prontera North.

They will drop Kafra Emblems. You can plunder a most extreme 400 Kafra Emblems for each day.

7. Society Donation – Double Rewards

📅 May 16 – May 23

Giving to your Guild amid this time will give you twofold rewards.

Society Donation twofold Contribution and Gold Medal rewards

This is an extraordinary time to get loads of Gold Medals and Guild Contributions.

8. Organization Facility Upgrade

📅 May 23 – May 30

Amid the occasion, the Guild office development update procedure will increment by half, with individual prizes expanding by half

Organization Facilities Include:

  • Staggering Vending Machine
  • Dark Cat Cafe
  • Odd Cat Litter Box
  • Enchantment Sewing Machine
  • Amazing Anvil

9. Refining Giftboxes at a bargain (B Coin Store)

📅 May 9 – May 16

“Hollgrehenn’s Appreciation” value: 15 Big Cat Coins, limit of 60 buys per account.

“Steward Cat’s Blessing” value: 20 Big Cat Coins, limit of 60 buys per account.

Also: “Unpleasant Repairing Shard” and “Impeccable Repairing Shard” will be marked down for 20% off.

10. Kafra Co’s. Giftbox (B Coin Store)

📅 May 23 – May 30

Amid the occasion, the “Brilliant Time Giftbox” will be accessible in the B Coin Store at the cost of 12 Big Cat Coins, with a limit of 60 buys per account.

11. Gachapon Feast – Monster Pajamas (Gacha ensemble)

📅 May 16 – May 30

Amid the occasion, 10x the opportunity to draw from the Gachapon Feast


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