Juno Ragnarok Eternal Love Updates Coming Soon, These Are Things You Must Prepare!


Update Juno Ragnarok Eternal Love is ready to come after the War of Emperium update. Pay attention to these things so that your adventure in Juno remains smooth.

The update of Juno Ragnarok Eternal Love will finally come after the War of Emperium is released on the Southeast Asian server ! Towards the release of Juno, we of course have to prepare various things. Even though the Southeast Asian server update is slow, in Juno there will be folders and dungeons that you can explore!

For those who don’t know, the City of Juno is an existing space city from Ragnarok Online PC , and the newest dungeon is the Magma Dungeon.

Most likely the release of the Juno Ragnarok Eternal Love update will be followed by the presence of Job 3 , so you must try again to increase the Base Level and Job Level of your new character. Now all you have to do is increase the level again.

For character levels, players will be able to reach Base Level 120. It seems that the character status can also penetrate 99, so you have to try harder to increase the character level.

The emergence of a new limit level, surely there will also appear a choice of monsters, Mini Boss, and new MVP which of course has higher EXP in the update of Juno Ragnarok Eternal Love .

Of the various types of new monsters that appear, there are several locations for monsters that you can choose to beat. First is the Geographer, a monster of plants with soil elements that cannot move.

Then after that there is a Harpy that is a Demon that has a wind element, and Fire Fledgling is a monster of birds with elements of fire. Some of the monsters that will appear also have Brute types, so try to have several cards that add attacks to Brute type monsters.

The emergence of new monsters, Mini, and MVP will certainly bring new material too. You can use some of these materials to increase the strength of the equipment that you have before.

In the update of Juno Ragnarok Eternal Love , some equipment will have additional upgrades that make it even stronger. To increase its strength, of course you have to need new material from monsters in Juno. Now prepare the equipment that is currently available, so that when the update Juno Ragnarok Eternal Love comes out later you are ready to strengthen your equipment .

Some of the cards that you can get before you have to prepare to make a new card that is stronger . One of them is Andre Star Card which provides damage penetration , the strongest status you can get for PVP. To make Andre Star Card you need 10 Andre Cards.


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