Which Job Class You Should Choose ?


Which Job Class You Should Choose ?

Ragnarok M: What is the first decision you must make when you start with Eternal Love

The following are differences from the various classes of Ragnarok Mobile.

1. SwordsMan

Which Job Class You Should Choose ?

Cool warrior, physical intruder with multiple defenses and a mobile phone. Usually they are advanced PvM or Imperial War, because they can use technologies such as Provoke and Endure to damage group members. Then use methods like Bash and Magnum Break to knock down the opponent.

2. Theif

A thief is also a man like a sword. Because they are also at the forefront and physically damaged. But instead of HP with high protection, they prefer not to harm themselves like ninjas, using techniques such as running away or hiding. Do not relax, because the attack speed is so high that you can quickly bring down the enemy!

Primary stats: AGI, STR

Advances to: Assassin (2-1) or Rogue (2-2)

3. Merchant

Melee battles are well done, but the Merchant is not a chariot, or he is fast, but there are advantages that swords and thieves do not own: money! They have a lot. There are features such as discounts and additional costs to buy affordable NPS products or sell products at high prices. Then they use the hard earned poison in battle, like a combat. Mammonite do more damage with a certain amount of zeny.

Primary stats: STR, AGI, DEX

Advances to: Blacksmith (2-1) or Alchemist (2-2)

4. Acolyte

Acolytes support group members with healing and fan abilities, such as blessings and dexterity, that provide alumni statistics without focusing solely on battles. If you prefer to help others, rather than kill monsters, this work is for you and you go to the bride. If you prefer your predecessor, you can work as a monk at a second job.

Primary stats: INT, DEX

Advances to: Priest (2-1) or Monk (2-2)

5. Archer

Archers perform one mission well: they can do great damage! These are physical archers capable of attacking enemies from long distances, using very large damage from safe distances, using skills such as one-time double penalties or monster arrows.

Primary stats: DEX, AGI

Advances to: Hunter (2-1) or Bard/Dancer (2-2)

6. Mage

A wise man, like an arrow, does a lot of damage. They use a magic spell that affects and affects the soul to cope with various types of elemental damage. Advantages over Archer include crowd manipulation, such as Frost Driver and AoE (Effect Area) or  Api (a.k.a. Fire wall)

Primary stats: INT, DEX

Advances to: Wizard (2-1) or Sage (2-2)


In other words, each lesson has its strengths and weaknesses, and in the end you choose your own style or style. – Do you want to be at the forefront, do you want to be damaged in the shell, get dirty, treat and love my allies, or we will get a lot of damage.


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