How to Unlock Cooking in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (Cooking Quest Guide)


How to Unlock Cooking in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (Cooking Quest Guide)

Food and Food Ragnarok: Eternal Love is Simple.The first requirement is a sequence of rank F. Adventure is a step towards cooking.


start your search in the PronteraTalk Kitchen Association:

3 meat balls and 3 rocket meat cookbooks will begin to boil!

  1. Go to Cuisine Association in Prontera
  2. Talk to Pizza to start the quest
  3. Obtain 3 Lunatic Meat and 3 Rocket Leg Meat
  4. Talk to Pizza again to finish the quest
  5. Use your Cookbook to start cooking!

1.Go to Cooking Center / Cuisine Association

Contact the Cooks / Kitchen Association and contact the NPC to register in the upper left corner of the Prontera.

2. Talk to the pizza and start the quest

He will ask you to bring meat from the moon and meat and teach you to cook the ingredients. You get the boss from Eagle Eyes, who gets the material from the monster. Talk to the pizza to start the search to uncover the dish.

3. Get Lunatic Meat and Rocker Meat

You can pick it up manually or buy it in the NPC Primary Materials.

Each NPC material is in the room for 100-120 eyes of chef Jenny and will kill the target monster.

How to Farm Cooking Ingredients from Monsters

When you eat an eagle with your boss, you get bacon that allows the monster to release the ingredients.

For example: If you kill the pillars of the moon, the madman will accidentally release the meat from the eggs. You can buy an eagle eye at the National Health Insurance Fund for 2500 zen.

4. Talk to Pizza again and finish the quest

If you have meat, talk to the pizza again to complete the search and defrost. One cook book for cooking! After cooking, prepare the first level and cook a hat.

You’ll get the following items:

  • Chef Hat
  • Food Storage Box, a separate inventory box for ingredients and cooked foods
  • Lv. 1 Cookbook which allows you to cook!

5. Open your Cookbook to start cooking!

Now you can start cooking with a cookbook in your inventory. Full cooking at Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 2.

When cooking and eating cooked food, cooking and taste levels are higher. You can read about this in the Cooking section of the Adventure Guide.



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