How to Trade Gems for Spring Symphony [Spring Festival – Carnival]


How to Trade Gems for Spring Symphony [Spring Festival – Carnival]

Spring Symphony “is the last event of Ragnarok M: Spring Goblin Love Festival in April, and this is the National Palace of Culture during the carnival period.

How to trade Gems for Spring Symphony

Go to Yowloo NPC in the left half of Geffen.

Spring Celebration Fair Yowloo NPC in Geffen exchange pearls for Spring Orchestra duplicate

Converse with him to open the shop where you can purchase Spring Orchestra utilizing jewels like Amethyst, Zircon, Sea green/blue and Topaz as money.

You can get 4 Spring Ensemble for 8 pcs of Pearls.

The diamonds that you can exchange will be irregular every day. For instance, you may get Topaz and Zircon today, and Sea green/blue and Amethyst tomorrow, and so forth.

You can reclaim heaps of extraordinary prizes from the Spring Orchestra shop, for example, a card, Mora coins and exp mixtures.

Spring Symphony Purchase Limit

You can just exchange up to 10 times each day for every diamond, for an aggregate of 80 Spring Ensemble for every day.

Exchange pearls for Spring Symphony in Geffen Yowloo NPC

The occasion keeps running for 5 days, so you can get a sum of 400 Spring Orchestra all through the occasion.

How many Gems you need to buy all Spring Symphony

To get each of the 400 Spring Symphony , you’ll need:

  • 8 pcs Diamonds x 10 day by day limit x 2 Pearl sorts = 160 Jewels for every day
  • 160 Diamonds for every day x multi day occasion = 800 Jewels all out

At the time of writing, the Gem’s estimated costs are:

Gem Cost
Aquamarine 2,500z
Topaz 3,200z
Amethyst 4,600z
Zircon 10,000z
Average 5,000z

The costs may change a bit however as players will race to purchase the jewels. Likewise your absolute spending will change contingent upon what Jewels you get through the afternoon.

Zeny Cost of 1 Spring Symphony

Utilising the individual Gem costs, we can assess the expense of 1 bit of Spring Symphony (SS) in light of the arbitrary Gem necessity:

Gem Gem Cost Cost of 1 Spring Symphony (Gem Cost x 8 / 4 SS)
Aquamarine 2,500z 5,000z
Topaz 3,200z 6,400z
Amethyst 4,600z 9,200z
Zircon 10,000z 20,000z
Average: ~10,000z

Where to Get Amethyst, Aquamarine, Topaz and Zircon

On the off chance that you would prefer not to spend Zeny and purchase the Gems from the trade, here are different techniques on where to cultivate them.

Pet Adventure

Uncommon chests from Pet Adventure will drop these diamonds relying upon the area. For instance, Payon chests will give you Amethyst since hordes in Payon drop Amethyst.

Payon Pet Adventure Ragnarok Mobile everlasting adoration

Look at our aides for tips and traps on Pet Adventure:

Monster Drops

This is somewhat hard to do since just Star crowds and MVP/Mini-Bosses drop these diamonds.

Look at the accompanying ROGuard pages to see which hordes drop which jewel and where to discover them:

Fortunate Shop

fortunate shop ragnarok portable interminable love

The last technique is additionally the simplest and least expensive however like the shop name proposes, it depends on your karma.

Pearls typically appear at the Lucky Shop so try to check it ordinary and get them utilizing Eden Coins.


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