How to Summon the Greedy Shop in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


How to Summon the Greedy Shop in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

What if I say that I can produce 250,000, 500,000, and even 100,000 out of 20,000 Jenny? Yes, thanks to the greedy shop! The Greedy Shop is the national palace of culture Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, which sells valuable items at very reasonable prices.

You can sell this rare item in the stock market and use it as a taming, craft, or donation. In this lesson you will learn how to call and find alternative stores for NPC in 1F Toys Factory, as well as how to buy goods.

What is a greedy shop?

Here is a brief overview of the greedy NPC shop:

  • Greedy Shop is an NPC selling rare items such as Biot, Pink Quartz and Parts.
  • You can buy these products at very reasonable prices: thousands of Jenny, just a few parts. From Edelweiss.
  • You can create greedy shops, avoiding 10 fogs.
  • After loading, it appears within 2 hours anywhere in the 1F toy factory.
  • After two hours, it will disappear, and you can kill another 10 fogs.
  • You can see and live in greedy stores.

What items does Greedy Shop NPC sell?

As you can see, rare and expensive items of Greenshop NPPs are available at very reasonable prices, some of which are Wellis (explained in detail later). Depending on the cost, you can purchase a limited number of items per day.

Item Exchange Price (as of Nov 2018)
Biotite 1,200,000 Zeny
Key of Clock Tower 500,000 Zeny
Rose Quartz 450,000 Zeny
Crystal Mirror 300,000 Zeny
Bell 350,000 Zeny
Ice Powder 250,000 Zeny
Dragon Scale 250,000 Zeny
Fang of Haiti 250,000 Zeny
Star Crumb 250,000 Zeny
  • 50 Edelweiss – 10 times a day
  • Edelweiss – 5 times a day
  • Edelweiss – 20 times a day

How to Summon the Greedy Shop

Contact your greedy store. Go to the toy factory 1.

1-Go to Toy Factory 1F

First go to Aldebaran (Prontera Northern Upper Portal). Talk to Santa in the upper left corner of the city. He killed you in Gingerbread City. An old game of Ragnarok, Luthi in the city of Christmas.

If you are in Gingerbread City / Lutie, go to the Top portal and get access to the map of the 1F toy factory. Be sure to tell Ariel to keep the default location at 1F.

2-Kill “Dark” Myst Cases in the lower left corner

Toy Factory 1f ragnarok. How to make toys to get to the mob. To connect to the greedy store, kill the “dark” Myst Falls from the corn mast in the lower left corner in the lower left corner of the toy factory 1f.

They will be different from the usual case of Myst. If others kill some of them, kill others. After all the 10 Dark Mists have died, a message appears on the left: “A greedy toy dealer appears somewhere …” The store now appears somewhere on the map.

3-Find the Greedy Shop NPC

Finding Alternative NPCO Stores As soon as the greedy NPC shop appears, the factory appears in Factory 1F Toys and disappears after two hours. Time to open!

Obviously, many flying wings and moving labels will hunt faster. Here he was angry and was located next to the fake shop “Lightning”. Toy Factory NPC Factory. In addition, you can search online communities such as FB or Discords groups.

Some players are very good at sharing channels with greedy locations in stores. Search locations in a greedy store or elsewhere. Make sure he sells NPCs from a greedy store.The theme consumes only thousands of millennia and several Dell Vaiss.

How do you get Edelweiss?

You may need many of Dell’s vices to buy goods at greedy stores. There are two ways to get it.

Factory Monster Dropse

delweiss Snowflake items are used to buy in greedy stores.

Edelweiss as a monster is available in the 1F toy factory.

  • Toy Factory 1F
    • Cookie
    • Myst Case
    • Cruiser
    • Zipper Bear
  • Toy Factory 2F
    • Christmas Cookie

Premium card

According to ROGuard, these toy factory monsters are located in Edelweiss: 1CookieMyst CaseCruiserZipper BearToy Factory 2FCBoard Cookie Premium Card Ep 3.0 When you purchase the Premium Lucky Card Store, you will receive 1000 electronic devices.

You can buy rare and valuable items at very reasonable prices.


Then you can sell these items in the stock market to earn a lot of money, use them for instructions, do things or donate their guilds.

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