How to Summon & Hunt Revenant Boss (Undead MVP)


How to Summon & Hunt Revenant Boss (Undead MVP)

Revenant bosses are also known as Undead MVPs. Actually, it is a new kind of MVP monster in Rangnarok M: Eternal Love. They are quite necessary for hunting dead breaths or BoDs which are being utilized for the 3rd Job BreakThrough.

In this article, you will learn about the process of summoning the Revenant or Undead Bosses and the place to hunt them.


Some of the time revenant bosses are also called Undead MVPs which are a stronger and undead version of normal real MVPs.

These all are undead things but still owns a similar race as its normal or regular version posses. They are also equipped with some more health points, in this regard, killing them is not easy.

They will leave similar things as it genuine MVP plus, still some new loot which is innovative for the Revenant MVP version.

But the crucial point is that they leave dead Breaths or BoDs which are utilized for the 3rd Job BreakThrough to enhance your job level at maximizing to almost 60.

Ways To Summon Revenant Boss (Undead MVP):

There are three particular ways to hunt and summon the undead MVPs, which are mentioned below;

  • Summon in Valhalla Ruins
  • Summon in Endless Tower
  • Hunt in the field

In Valhalla and Endless Tower, you can only summon them in a limited number of times.

  • Summoning Revenant MVP In Valhalla Ruins (VR100):

After the clearance of the initial map in Valhalla Ruins, you will observe in your map a Dark Bard NPC. You have to talk to him for summoning the Revenant Boss in that similar map.

In one week you are only allowed to summon one Revenant Boss in the Valhalla Ruins. Still, you have to assure that you are having a potential team so you will not get wiped out straight. Always try your best to keep one member of your party in a lively condition so you will be able to enter again the dungeon even if you are not alive.

The trick to killing them in an easy manner is to abuse their portals, attack and kite them from a different island. For this, you will require a long-ranged DPS class.

The Revenant Boss in the VR will be counted as the part of five MVPs in the dungeon. In this regard, assure that you are didn’t kill the rest of the five MVPs in Valhalla to get the loots.

  • Summoning Revenant MVP In The Endless Tower:

After the clearance of 100-floor endless tower, you will see a Dark Bard NPC. You have to talk to him for summoning a Revenant Boss in that similar floor of the endless tower.

You are only able to summon a maximum of two Revenant Bosses each week in Endless Tower 101. Each of the ET101 Revenant Boss will reward you with 2500 dead breaths.

Keep in mind to save one of your potential players, if your entire team wiped out so you will become unable to kill the boss.

You are in need to assure to prepare a potential team and make great efforts to save at least one of your member alive in the tower. It is the trick to not get wiped out straight.

  • Hunting Revenant MVP In The Field:

The gate of Niflheim opens in every two hours which converts the normal MVP into a Revenant or Undead MVP.

In this, you should not worry much because the location of MVPs is similar to the normal regular version. Along with this, similar MVP hunting mechanics are implemented.


Revenant MVPs are essential for farming dead breaths for the enhancement of your job level limit which will be third job class.


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