How to One Hit Eggyras and Farm Lots of Zeny


The witch is Ragnarok M: one of the best agricultural classes in eternal love. One of the ways to get Zeni very quickly is to farm Eggiras. Eggiras at once!


Unlike most players and drivers, you do not have the right equipment or magic attacks for unique Eggyras. Not all players are lucky to get rare drops, and players do not have different playlists. Source: Statistics – Max INT. The first blessing of the DEXGet guild.

  • Stats — max INT first then DEX
  • Get Guild Blessing & Runes
  • Invest on Equips & Cards
  • Enhance and Refine your gear
  • Use INT Dish and Cooked Foods
  • Skill Levels — Napalm Vulcan Lv. 6, Magic Power Lv. 10
  • Blessing and Magnificat (Priest buffs)

Stat Build

Statistics witches is a hit. Eggyra ragnarok Mobile Statbuild is very clear. 99 INT 0 First DEX, 99 DEX. Yes, you need about 900-1000 mA, but this is not a magic number. I only know 850 MA, but I have the right tools and enthusiasts.

Guild Blessing and Runes

Prayer and Runes Guild – great lovers, and they are easy to get. Dojo donations to donate and simply continue guild activities such as guilds. Of course, they bless the Most High (wise blessings) and an increase in runes through AI, which ultimately leads to the path of a meteoric storm. The biggest difference is the SP Rain.

Equips and Cards


There are two main variants of cartographic equipment and weapons: Croce and witches.

The biggest difference in the SP. Rain sp is damaged by the stick. You do not need to worry too much about SP thanks to the skills of Play Dead. Provide the same statistics.

Croce Staff

Wizardry Staff

MAtk +144
INT +5
SP Regen +30%

MAtk +97
INT +3
M.Atk +10%
Ignore M.Def +2% per +1

More SP Regen,
Less damage

Less SP Regen,
More damage

Even if you do not know, you can complete damaged items and use all the statistics and effects! BudgetSet Mediation budget

Budget Armors

  • Headgear:

Wizard Hat, Mage Hat

  • Off-hand: Magic Book
  • Armor: Mage Coat
  • INT Earrings
  • Rings

Budget Tip: You may also purchase broken items from the exchange as they are way cheaper but still offer the same stats. If you didn’t know, you can still equip broken items and benefit from all their stats and effects!

Mid-Luxury Budget Armors

  • Saint set
  • Headgear:
  • Magic Eyes
  • Armor: Robe of Cast
  • Staunch Cape, Staunch Boots
  • INT Earrings

Peco Peco Egg Card

deals 15% more damage to unformed monsters (eggiry figures).

Enhancement and refinement

The full mobile rating of eternal love must be upgraded, and this should be corrected after ear devices are purchased. Increase the number of employees and accessories to increase the MAt, so prioritize. If you change to at least four, you get a very difficult card. The completed character is a magical damage that attacks the MDef attack. See the complete manual for retrofits.

INT Dish and Cooked Foods

Then you must maximize your magic power, energy, and SP recovery. Top Gods If you are still attacking magic against a blow, kill Eggis. The final choice is to bring blessings and blessings to the priest’s grandmother. It’s a little hard to use, so you want this last thing. You should not share experiences and zeny if everything is in order.

Skill Build

Napalm Vulcan works on the damage of the Ghostly Ghost, forcing another ghostly Eggiras to double the damage. The best in Napalm Vulcan – 6-7 lv. The lower the skill level, the better the SP at a higher level. Make sure you improve other ways to increase MA. Therefore, there is no need to install Napalm Vulcan on 8-10 steps. Power, power cover and SP recovery


There is no suitable size for all methods, there is no secret formula

la, there is no magic number for Eggiras shooting. You need to find the perfect combination based on preferences, playing styles, resources and luck. When you are done, select one place in the Payon 1F cave and start defeating Eggyras, you will earn almost a million Zeny (how can Eggyra be killed in a blow at what level?


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