Pet Labor Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (How to Level Up Fast by Doing Nothing!)


Pet Labor Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (How to Level Up Fast by Doing Nothing!)

Ragnarok M: If you are wondering how fast an expert in eternal love works, use the Pet Labor secret trick! Do you know that if you do this, you can gain millions of experience without doing anything? In this lesson you will learn how to unlock a device for a tour and use the work force for your pets.


  • At base Lv. 45 and Pet Intimacy Lv. 5, you can use the Labor Traveling Machine to send your pets to a workplace
  • Your pets in labor will give rewards every hour like Base EXP & Job EXP potions
    • They give 100k Base EXP and 10k Job EXP
    • At Level 60, they give 500k Base EXP and 50k Job EXP
    • You can get 10-20 of these potions per day
  • Pets are limited to 2 workplaces at a time. You can increase this limit up to 5 workplaces per pet
  • Pets have skills that improve their efficiency at certain workplaces. Higher efficiency = faster rewards
  • Invest on Pets early and put them to Put Labor ASAP!

Read on for more information!

1- At Lv. 30, talk to Pet NPC in South Prontera

To disable a domestic worker, you need an item called “Occupation Traveler”. 30, Protar Selatan (near the music player) to Magnus Five Culture Culture. Go to the pet training site to hold the first pet that is porn. When you catch a Poring, give a name and hatch eggs. When you have finished all the searches, you will need a pet adventure guide and a car for the trip. (Related: Pet Adventure Guide)

2-Reach Level 45 and Pet Intimacy Lv. 5

Pets must be Lv to use. 45 And the pet must be familiar with Lv. 5. From time to time, use the “Animal” action for your pet or eat tamed / cooked food, and your pet must reach level Lv. 5 Soon.

3-Use the Labor traveling machine

After becoming Lv. 45. With Lv intimacy, put your favorite animal in egg state by clicking on the icon and clicking on the rest (above the window). Your pet is active and working. Open the tool and click the store article icon. Select your pet on the left and click “Start”. Now your pet will start working! Leave it alone for a few hours, look for the real life or sleep. XD

Pet Labor Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (How to Level Up Fast by Doing Nothing!)

You can check the frequency of payments in the workforce window. First, pets give presents every 55 minutes. But there is a way to reduce this length. I will explain later. You can unlock other sites later, but the article store will run first.

4-Wait for few hours and collect rewards

In a few hours I will give a number of awards to my pet. Click on the gift icon in the item shop to open it!

There are many rewards that you can get in the form of a kingdom, a chain of lightning and food. But we need a base portion and job portions.

After consuming this average vegetable gives 100,000 baseline experience and 10,000 experience. But wait, that’s not all! When using Lv as a base. 60, you will get 5x EXP-500,000 stunning EXP bases and 50,000 Exp walks with a great expression!

When you get to base Lv. 60, you will get Large EXP Potions which give times five EXP—a whopping 500,000 Base EXP and 50,000 Job EXP!

Pet labour tips

1-Workplace limit

Firstly, pets can only have up to 2 people. To maximize the potential of animals, you should always see pets working under animal conditions. So make sure you have at least 3 pets. Read the guidelines for getting a successful pet: how do you get 100% successful pets? VIP cards As a rule, after unlocking other tasks, you can place pets in 5 workplaces simultaneously.

You can increase this workplace limit by:

  • Accomplished Worker Adventure Skill (requires Adventure Class D)
  • Master Worker Adventure Skill (requires Adventure Class B)
  • Buying the VIP card

In total, you can put pets to 5 workplaces at a time once you unlock other workplaces.

2.Pet working efficiency skills

Pets have a passive ability and can be used more effectively in certain places. For example, training in the culinary center is good, because he has business skills. Cooking improves work efficiency in this workplace. High work efficiency = faster reward frequency.You can check your pet’s abilities by clicking on the icon and clicking “OK”.

3.Pet intimacy and base level improves working efficiency

In other words, higher work efficiency = more prizes. Therefore, always make it a “pet” and feed it with your favorite foods to increase efficiency.



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