How to Hunt World Boss (Spawn Locations, Channel, Time)


How to Hunt World Boss (Spawn Locations, Channel, Time)

In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, there is a new kind of MVP which is known as the World Bosses.

The considerable point is that they are a bit tricky to hunt and kill. But it will give you several great rewards like Dead Breaths which are used for the 3rd Job Class Breakthrough.

In this article, you will learn about the ways to hunt them and about their spawn times and spawn locations.

World Boss:

The World Boss is an innovative arousal in the MVP system in the game. The important point is that it is much tough to hunt and kill but it gives the player much interesting rewards.

The three World Bosses in the game which are the part of current patch are listed below;



Randgris (Valkyrie)

Detarderous (Detale)

Don’t think out of the box, they are same as the normal regular MVP system. The only difference is that they are just difficult and complex to hunt. They just spawn in a particular location and in a just one random channel.

What Is The Spawn Time Of World Bosses?

The spawning time period of world bosses is after every two hours. After the completion of spawning the boss will itself get disappear after half hour. Elaborating it with an example, if the boss spawned at 3:00pm, it will get disappear at 3:31pm. In this regard, everyone should try their best to help each other to hunt and kill it as soon as possible.

What Is The Spawn Location Of World Bosses?

The world bosses randomly spawn in any one of the three Niflheim field maps;

  • Hamelin
  • Skellington
  • Misty forest

What Are The Spawn Channels Of World Bosses?

So it is the tricky part, the world bosses will only spawn in a random channel. There is not a single way to know about the prior spawning of world boss in any different channel.

This thing makes its hunting a community-wide effort. Everyone is obliged to notify and help other players on the time of latest world boss spawning. We recommend you now to join this discord server for those who are quite dedicated hunters.

If a world boss is going to spawn in your channel, you will observe a skull icon which will automatically appear in the mini map on your screen. You have to click on skull icon to get to know in which Niflhelm map it’s going to spawn in.

Items And Loots World Bosses Will Drop:

When the world boss will get hunt and kill, various things will get dropped for example; Gram Dust, Mithril stone and such other raw materials.

But the most crucial point to notice is that, it will drop Dead Breaths or BoDs which is essential for the enhancement of Job Lv cap of 3rd job to job level 41 to 60.

What Will Be The Penalties Of Stamina And Channel Switching?

The penalties of switching channel are not applicable. Your attacks can miss but you will still get loots. This system is quite same as the MVPs. Keep in mind that the penalties of stamina will apply.

Discord For World Boss Location And Channel:

Joining this Discord Serve is recommendable for making the hunt easier.

There are several world boss hunters in there; you also have to assure to make yourself a part if the world boss spawned on your server.


World bosses are a funnier but trickier innovative hunting experience in the game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Assure to help each of the player so all of you can farm their dead breaths.


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