How to Hire Cat Mercenary in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


How to Hire Cat Mercenary in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Kitty Cat Mercenaries is another great feature of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. You can fight the heroes by hiring these powerful, but funny cats: better enthusiasts than pets, technology. In this guide, you will learn how to hire a hired cat in the game, its various roles and abilities.


The game has four mercenary cats that can be rented for a day or a week. You must have at least 25 levels to complete each search and open it.

  1. Goro – the healer still exists.
  2. IzlyudPo – Prontera
  3. Maisa, consultant hunter rented, rented at Geffen
  4. Wasabi – tanker Geffen.

1. Goro — healer

Skills: Heal your character’s HP

Quest requirements: I Like You/Magic Wand (from Amazing Toys NPC in Geffen)

Cost: 12,000 daily

Location: Izlude

2.Po — hunter

Skills: Slow down enemies

Quest requirements: 15 Tree Barks (Willows in West Prontera)

Cost: 10,000 daily

Location: Prontera

3. Maysa — mage

Skills: Deal magic damage, cast Dull status to enemies

Quest requirements: 40 I-like-you’s (from Amazing Toys NPC in Geffen)

Cost: 10,000 daily

Location: Geffen

How to Hire Cat Mercenary in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love









4. Wasabi – TankerSkills: absorbs a small amount of damage that causes or causes critical damage to the attacker, HP game (for non-players).

DefQuest: 60 rotten dressings (poisonous funk / thief)

Price: 12,000 days

Location: Geffen Ideal for low grade requirements

Kitty Cat Search

To start hiring monsters, you must complete each search (very simple). Goro and Maysa resort require you to get it, like you or your stick. You can buy it at Geffen near Geffenkatzen in one of the Unusual Toys NPCs for 500 Zen.

How to rent a hired cat

After you finish your adventure with a hired cat, you can take it right now. The price is 10,000/12,000 yen per day or 60,000/72,000 yen per week. You can take it for free! Use the mercenary ticket that you receive from the operation on the bulletin board. One rental ticket is used per day. (7 days rental is not available.)

As soon as they are hired, they are added to your group and follow you and help you fight. You can borrow a lot of cats, but only one person can fight you.

Hiring two cats at the same time

You get into the Adventure Class E. Buy joint mercenary adventures and send 2 cats at the same time to fight with you.

Firing a Cat Mercenary

You can temporarily remove a cat from the group by clicking on the icon in the “Run bumblebee” / “Participant List” list and selecting “Kick Out” you can restart after 3 minutes of cooling. Invite a cat to invite to a party and open the fourth tab of the cat.

Even if you throw away your cat, the rental period will continue. To stop catching a cat, select Fire. Then you can reload it on the Kitty Cat tab in the Party window to continue. They can also talk to them at the appropriate places in the city. (Note. Sometimes an error occurs that does not appear in the list of cities or groups.) Exit the current group and create a new group (restart the game). Wait a few minutes to get up and get up!


Kitty mercenary cats are an effective way to improve and improve quality. You should always be with you during the battle!


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