How to Go to Amatsu (Sakura Quest – Engagement Skill), Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

How to Go to Amatsu (Sakura Quest - Engagement Skill), Ragnarok M: Eternal Love
How to Go to Amatsu (Sakura Quest – Engagement Skill), Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Finally, this February, Ragnarok Online Mobile Eternal Love updated Married and also opened Amatsu City. In Amarsu City, you can also create Engagement skills that are useful for finding a partner and also inviting your partner to get married. Then how to go to Amatsu City to be able to complete the Sakura Quest and get the Engagement Skill? ROMELID will briefly review one by one.

To be able to go to Amatsu City, you have to talk to the Karoo Captain NPC in Izlude City. Later there will be a new choice to be able to go to Amatsu City, which is “Leave for Amatsu”. Choose it and you will automatically teleport to Amatsu City.

After arriving in Amatsu City, you can do Quests available in the city to get Engagement Skills. In the quest there will be several questions that you must answer to be able to continue the quest. And here are some questions given by some NPCs in the quest.

Answer of Lovesick Ksitigarbha Quest

Amid the quests that you run in Amatsu City, you will get the Lovesick Ksitigarbha quest. You have to answer the three questions given to be able to continue. The following is the  answer to Lovesick Ksitigarbha Quest .

  1. What would you like if you were in danger during the adventure? The answer is Save her .
  2. If you find that someone who is adventurous with you loves you, and your loved one is very concerned about this. What would you do with the one who loves you? The answer is Politely Refuse .
  3. The withered tree leaves because of the spring rain. As autumn comes, the autumn wind takes the leaves way. What role would you choose to play in this story? The answer is Leaves .

After you successfully answer the question, you can continue the quest. And again you have to answer a few more questions before you can continue the quest to get Engagement Skill. The name of the quest is Warm Braw Ksitigarbha or Questions of Warm.

Answers to Warm Braw Ksitigarbha or Questions of Warm

  • About the one you love, will you stay loyal to each other through poverty and hardship? The answer is O (True) .
  • Will you swear in front of the warm wind that you will respect and take care of the one you love? The answer is O (True) .
  • Close your eyes and think of one you love. What color is person in your mind? The answer is Pink .

And after you have successfully answered all the questions above and completed all the quests, you must speak to Hanako NPC who will open the Engagement Skill. Now after that you can find a partner to get married in this Eternal Love Ragnarok Online Mobile Game.

For more details about Amatsu City, RagnaRokMobileGuides.Net will discuss it in the next article.


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