How to Get Spring Symphony and Redeem all Rewards for Goblin Spring Event


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Love Spring A new currency called Spring Symphony was announced through various events and daily searches at a goblin event. Here is a guide to cards, prayer card packages, and how to get all the prizes! It also shows how much space is needed to receive all the awards.

Rewards from the Spring Symphony Shop

Here are all the rewards you can redeem from the Spring Symphony Shop:

Item Price Limit Total
Spring Celebration Card 160 1 160
Mora Coin 10 12 120
Oracle Dust 10 10 100
Oracle Crystal 15 10 150
BASE Potion (L) 2 50 100
JOB Potion (L) 2 50 100
Total 730

You need only 730 spring symphonies to find out all the rewards in the store.

The 160 Spring Holiday Effect card for the Spring Symphony is as follows.

Spring Celebration card

The 160 Spring Holiday Effect card for the Spring Symphony is as follows.

  • Effect: Max HP Attack +100, M.Atk +10
  • Deposit: Atk +3
  • Unlock: Max HP +30

We’re not really sure what “Max HP Attack” means (probably a bad translation.)

How to obtain Spring Symphony Celebration

There are three ways to get a spring symphony during a spring event.

1.) Goblin Journey 5-Day Quest

Full Guide: Goblin Journey (Goblin Spring) Quest Day 1–5

📅 April 1–8 (complete quest until April 15)

🙋🏼‍♂️ One character per account only

This is a five-day chain operation. Start a conversation with Tolakai Goblin Messenger on Prontera. The visit will continue in Geffen.

Listen to a total of 100 spring symphonies with 20 spring symphonies per day.

2.) Goblin Rescue Even

📅 April 8–15

Start a conversation with the great wizard Gefen Yula-NPC. This is a single player event that protects goblins from invading invasions.

3.) Deliver gems to Yowloo NPC during Carnival Event

📅 April 15–20

🙋🏼‍♂️ One character per account only

At this event, you can exchange Gafflin Youlus Ambassador gems, such as Aquamarine, Topaz, Zircon and Amethyst, for Symphonic Spring.


Delete all daily searches to get as many symphonies as possible. We have little information about the structure of goblins and spring symphonies that we can get at the carnival, but we will update them. Post as soon as you have more information.


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