How to Get Kafra Emblems and Obtain All Rewards


Get Kafra Emblems and Obtain

All through the Kafra Co. Work’s Day occasion for the period of May, another money called Kafra Emblems will be compensated through day by day journeys and occasions in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

These Kafra Emblems are utilized to recover things from the Kafra Emblem shop.

This guide will show you how to get Kafra Emblems and what number of insignias you need so you can recover every one of the prizes during the current month.

Item Kafra Emblem Cost Limit Total
Gold Medal 20 10 200
Adventure Meatball 2 99 ~200
Eden Coin 1 99 ~100
Seed of Mastela 25 3 75
Oracle Dust 10 12 120
Oracle Crystal 15 12 180
Food Voucher 15 10 150
Kafra Teleport Ticket 1 99 ~100
Total 1,125

The most effective method to Obtain Kafra Emblems

There are a few strategies to get Kafra Emblems all through the occasions for this May. (Full Guide: Kafra Co Labor Day Guide [May Event])

1. Get 3x Kafra Blessing Giftbox (One-time compensate)

All players will get a one-time reward of 3x Kafra Giftboxes in their in-amusement mail (once per account.) These Giftboxes contain Kafra Emblems alongside different prizes.

2. Time Rift additional prizes

time crack refinement blessed vessel ragnarok unceasing affection On May 2– 9, clearing Time Rifts will give you 1x Kafra Giftbox which contains Kafra Emblems and different prizes.

3. Kafra Co 5-Day Quest

Beginning on May 2, converse with Ophelia in Prontera square ordinary and clear the day by day journey to get 1 Kafra Blessing Giftbox. Ophelia NPC Kafra Lady in Prontera Square for day by day mission Kafra Co Labor Day May occasions

4. Kafra Stealing Incident – Dungeon Instance

Converse with Clarice in Prontera Square to enter the “Kafra Farm” case.Annihilation all non-representative intruders to get a Kafra Blessing Giftbox consistently.

5. Kafra Co’s. Enemy

On May 16-23, each 12– 1 PM and 6– 7 PM (GMT+7), execute trespasser beasts in Prontera North. They will drop Kafra Emblems. You can plunder a greatest 400 Kafra Emblems for each day.

This is all that anyone could need to cultivate each of the 1,125 Kafra symbols required.


Every one of the 1,125 Kafra seals required ought to be anything but difficult to get as there are numerous strategies on the most proficient method to cultivate them.

Remember to do all the every day journeys and guarantee your Giftboxes as they contain different rewards excessively, for example, Mora Coins, and so forth.You can likewise look at our full manual for the Kafra Co. Work’s Day occasions for the long stretch of May


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