How to Get Honor Proofs and Why You Should


Honor Proof Gold or another title Proof of Glory is a special currency that can be used to purchase items from Vending Machines in the guild. By using Honor Proof Gold, you can buy items that don’t exist besides the Guild. For example, you can buy Praying Card Packages using 400 Honor Proof. You can use Praying Cards on Valkyrie Blessing NPCs in the guild which I will explain later in the next article. You can also buy headgear and other items using Honor Proof Gold.

Many ways can be done to get Honor Proof Gold in the world of Ragnarok. This time will provide a guide on how to easily get Honor Proof Gold .

1. War of Emperium / Guild vs Guild

The best and fastest way to get Honor Proof Gold is through the War of Emperium / Guild vs Guild. Only by participating in GvG, you will get 100 Honor Proof Gold. And if you manage to master the castle, you will get 1200 Honor Proof Gold.

2. MVP Battle

The MVP Battle that you can do every Friday can also give you Honor Proof Gold. You only need to talk to the Altos NPCs in Prontera to be able to take part in the Battle MVP . The Honor Proof Gold that you can get depends on the number of MVPs and types of Monsters you kill.

3. Bizarre Cat Litter Box

One of the facilities in your Guild, the Bizarre Cat Litter Box, can also give you Honor Proof Gold.

But you need a lot of luck to get it. Because 400 Shining Glass Beads are needed and if luck is on your side, you will get Honor Proof Gold. But if you are not lucky, you can still get Zeny, Guild Contribution and Eden Coins.

4. Guild Pet Labor

The last way is through Pet Labor at the Guild. You will get Honor Proof every 45 minutes. Pet Sohee is the mainstay when you want to do this pet labor guild.


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