How to Get Gold Medals & Guild Contributions in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


How to Get Gold Medals & Guild Contributions in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

The gold medal and union input is a key element of Ragnarok M: eternal love. They are used to activate runes during an Aesir alarm, provide bonus statistics, bonus effects, or disable new powerful abilities.

Aesir Monument Rune Road is a long-term process that explains all the ways to get gold medals and trade union donations.


These are the methods on how to get Gold Medals:

  • Guild Donation (Rare items)
  • Buy from Adventurer Coin shop
  • Join Poring Fight weekly
  • Rewards from events
  • Growth Rewards from Mentorship
  • Valkyrie’s Guidance Chest (BCC item)

These are the methods on how to get Guild Contributions:

  • Guild Donation
  • Guild Dojo
  • Guild Facility Construction/Upgrades
  • Valkyrie’s Gift & Guild’s Gift
  • Guild Quests

How to Get Gold Medals

1. Guild Donation

The most common way to get a gold medal is with a guild donation. If you donate a rare mine / boss drop like cloth or raccoon leaves, you will win a gold medal. You can. You must donate your guild habits and add them to your daily routine.

Click “Donate” to open the “Buy on the Stock Exchange” window. A good range is from 80 to 200,000. An item with a rare value in excess of 300,000 may not cost as much as waiting for the next round.

There are several tricks on how to achieve this rare booty:

  • the endless tower – a mini-boss appears on several floors in a random way, like an MVP on the 10th floor.

In addition, if you want to use the Double Reward event, you must create a hero who maintains endurance in MainAlso. During this event you will receive two gold medals and a donation. Be careful as material costs increase during the event.

2. Adventurer Coin Shop

Adventurous coin is a Green Poring coin, which Devsway provides as a reward for service or server problems. You can purchase one gold medal for five adventurous coins. Use the Adventure Coin entrance to open a store.

3. Poring Fight

Poring Fight is a mini-game that runs every Wednesday (8 pm GMT 7) every week. If you win Poring Fight, you will receive a Delicious Poring Award. The higher the rating in the game, the more points you can get.

You can earn a gold medal for 600 pottery. To open a store, use the portioning preference item in the inventory.

4. Rewards from Events

Another way to get a gold medal is an event.

Events usually have a daily search or a daily gift offering a special gift box or box. This chest can give you a gold medal when you open it.

For example, during Christmas and Thanksgiving, the player receives a gift box in which you can earn a gold medal.

5. Growth Rewards from Mentorship

Full Guide: Guide to Mentor & Student System

At the latest Big Cat party, in addition to a coupon with a big cat, where you can buy a gold medal, a prize was awarded, including a gold medal.

Before you reach level 85, make sure you find a mentor to enroll as a student. 60 and 70 – only four free gold medals!

6. Valkyire’s Guidance Chest

After all, there is always a method of payment! Six BCC (Big Cat Coins) coins are available for purchase of a guide to Valkyrie, which includes 5 guild gifts (25 lots) and 1 gold medal.

How to Get Guild Contributions

1. Guild Donation

Again, guild contributions are the most common and obvious way.

General donations typically range from 5,000 to 100,000 depending on the items required. Double prices are available.

During this event you will receive two gold medals and a donation. But in general, prices for materials increase with several price events. Therefore, collect as much data as possible before the event!

2. Guild Dojo

Dojo Guild is another example of a mini-game, similar to the ruins of Valhalla, and, finally, battles with monsters and bosses.

Even if it is clean, I will not give you anything.

But if you work with other guilds, you can get a certificate of five guilds and friendships by repeating the word.

3. Donating to Guild Facility Construction & Upgrade

After your guild unlocks items, you can build the following guild objects: Excellent vending machines.

  • Yellow black cat.
  • Urn for cats.
  • Private sewing machines.

This will reward you with guild contributions (and at the same time improve your design / production progress).

In the picture above, we make our special vending machine Lv. With 110 contributions in 3 sets you will need the contribution of large fish and coarse elephants.

4. Valkyrie’s Gift & Guild’s Gift

Another source of guild input is these two gift boxes:

Valkyrie prizes – 500 guilds – 25 guilds. This gift box is available in the Events and Search section.

For example, if you use a Big Cat Celebration coupon for a Big Cats event, you can purchase one Valkyrie product with four coupons. Guild items can also be purchased at mentor stores, but there are 45 medals from mentors.

It may be more practical to use monarnial coins in the sea. You will receive 5 guild items (125 items) from the Valkyrian Orientation Box, which is an item purchased for 6 BCC from the Big Shop.

Guild Quests

Finally, search for the guild. Green NPC requests are displayed by mistake in the guild hall.

When you complete this search, you will receive a few points on participation.

The higher the guild level, the more NPC is displayed. This will allow you to join many active members and guilds to more easily complete quests.


Completing the Aesir Escape Track is a long process that requires either a gold medal or a trade union commitment. That is why it is so important to join the guild and get as much as possible. What is the best way to get a lot of gold medals and goods? Do you have any questions or tips? Comments below!


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