How to Get Black Wings in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


How to Get Black Wings in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Along these lines, you at last open the Devil Wings diagram missions and can hardly wait to make your own one of a kind Devil Wings. However, you open the creating window and acknowledge you can’t purchase those 450 pcs of Black Wing from the trade!

On the off chance that that sounds commonplace, we’re here to help. Here’s a guide on all techniques on the most proficient method to get Black Wings in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

1. Purchase from Adventure Meatball Shop — 10 every day

You can purchase 1 Black Wing for 6 Adventure Meatball

The least demanding strategy to get Black Wings is by getting them from the Meatball shop.

One Black Wing costs 6 Adventure Meatballs, with an every day breaking point of 10 buys.

So you can acquire 10 Black Wings for each day for 60 Adventure Meatballs.

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2. Arnold’s Daily Quest in GH Hall — 30+ every day

Converse with Arnold NPC in GH Hall close passageway. He will request a few materials and give you a short journey. Subsequent to clearing the journey, he will give you 6 Black Wings.

Arnold Supplies NPC in Glast Heim Hall will give you a mission and Black Wings

You can pick which among the three materials you need to provide for begin the journey:

  • Void Flower
  • Cyfar
  • Jewelry of Oblivion

You can rehash the journey on numerous occasions every day, except the required measure of materials will increment per redundancy:

  1. First — 30 materials
  2. Second — 60 materials
  3. Third — 90 materials
  4. Fourth — 120 materials
  5. Fifth — 150 materials
  6. and so on…

I suggest rehashing the journey no less than 5 times each day, for a sum of 30+ Black Wings every day.

3. Ranch from Bapho Jr. Star — 10-20+ every day

The last strategy is by cultivating Baphomet Jr. Star amid the attack occasion.

Baphomet Jr. Star will just bring forth at 8:30– 9:00 PM GMT+7 in Glast Heim Hall.

Contingent upon your cultivating speed, you can get around 10-30 Black Wings for every day.


On the off chance that you pursue these three techniques and do them day by day, you ought to have the capacity to get around 50 Black Wings for every day.

So you ought to have the capacity to gather every one of the 450 pcs used to make Devil Wings inside 9 days. Good karma!

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