How to Get Big Cat Voucher Feasts (Orange Voucher)


Among such costumes as beach costumes (from 15 to 29 November), in Prontera Square there is a Gacha gaming machine called “Fantastic Generator”. For larger cats, you can apply for a costume using 30 coupons. These orange coupons are rare, but I hope they are lucky because they are easy to get! Follow these simple steps to get 30 Big Cat vouchers and file your first suit in Gacha. (Blue  Vochers for headgear coupon)

Hire an Assistant:

Ragnarok’s M Assistant Guide: Eternal love, get help From level 20 you can hire a free secretary. Go to Prontera and click on the wizard above to go to Prontera Palace. After receiving your secretary, you can get a prize if you search only once. We want this.

1. Haircut Change Quest (10)

This is the easiest way. Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Hair Salon NPC Coupon Big Cat Feastragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Hairstyle NPCO Hair Salon Shop2.

2. Smile Assistant Quest (10 Vouchers)

Smile Assistant Quest (10 vouchers) The second, easiest way to do this, but manual material management can take a long time or a long time. You only need to make a 5 (5) hat and that’s it! Free 10 Big Cats Vacation Gift Certificates. Cellarok cell phone covers. Non-player characters. Coupons Big Cat Craft.

3. Get an intimate assistant 60 every day (1 coupon per day).

Finally, get 60 coupons per day to get 1 coupon. It will also be very easy to do, but it will take 10 days to fill out a coupon at 30 key cat festivals and qualify for Knight Gach. They should be able to get 60 intimate relationships every day. Complete daily missions such as missions, drag monsters, pass time and make donations to music, wildlife adventures, food, Guild etc.

4.Event Giveaways

Another source of a great holiday voucher – a gift to the event! For example, you can order a total of 60 vouchers during the Big Cat celebration in January.


Enjoy coupons at short notice! In general, in order to receive one orange coupon per day, you need to continue the daily work of the proximity assistant. Garon’s monthly roll guaranteed! Important: if you do not like the costume for the current event, you can save the event for the next event!

I collected a lot of holiday coupons, because I do not like the previous one, and now I have more Gacha for EVA costumes! Received items! And if you have unwanted items, you will have more outfits at Ragnarok Mobile. Soon Sinta Abadi collects oranges.


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