How to Get 100x Friendship Proofs Per Day (by doing Daily Quests)


Do you always come to Sea Cointi to get a nice 4th spelling? Do not worry anymore. In this guide, you will learn how to get 100 friendly edits every day in just five minutes a day! I hate breaking it, but you said it was wrong! Therefore.

Why do we need lots of Friendship Proof?

Friend Evidence (FP) is used to buy a monthly coin at a price of 10FP = 1 Mora coin. Attempts to restore attractiveness cost 4 coins (40 FP).

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How to Obtain Friendship Proofs

Evidence of friendship can be obtained through daily searches and examples from games or guild friends. Therefore, it is important to add a group to your friends when you work in Daily / Basement, for example

  • Endless Tower
  • Time Rift
  • Night of Destruction
  • etc.

You can get 100 people a day (10 coins) and get 500 proofs of friendship every week. This limit is easy to reach.

The most effortless strategy to get 100x Friendship Proofs day by day

The quickest technique to increase 100 Friendship Tokens for each day is to clear Board Quests, Training Grounds and Time Rift with a gathering.

1. Make/join a gathering of 5 individuals

Structure a gathering and add your colleagues to your companion list

Spam “LFP BQ/TG/TR” on World visit, or go along with any individual who’s searching for individuals.

  • BQ = Board Quest
  • TG = Training Grounds
  • TR = Time Rift

2. Include party individuals as Friends

In the wake of framing a gathering and adding each other to your companions records, for the most part you will all get together at the Mission Board NPC in Izlude town.

Add your gathering mates to your companion list and go to Izlude Mission Board NPC

3. Clear the “chasing” Mission Board Quests (BQ)

Utilizing your Mercenary Mission looks from the Adventure Meatball shop, quickly clear the Mission Board journeys.

You can clear all board journeys on the off chance that you need, however observe that just chasing missions will give you Friendship Proofs for example “Execute X beasts” or “Get X things from Y”.

To the measure of FPs you get will rely upon what number of chasing journeys you and your partymates get.

Get Friendship Proofs when your companions and gathering mates complete their every day Mission Board Quests

All individuals ought to collaborate and clear the entirety of their missions as well so everybody gets a lot of FPs. Ideally you don’t get collaborated with con artists who will just bloodsucker off of your FPs.

4. Clear the Training Ground (TG)

Next, just insta-clear the Training Grounds utilizing the pink TG look from the Adventure Meatball shop.

5. Clear five Time Rift cases

At long last, in the event that despite everything you haven’t achieved your top throughout the afternoon, you can do the moment Time Rift examples.time break filtration blessed vessel ragnarok unceasing affection

Once more, simply utilize your Purification Grails from the Adventure Meatball shop.


The other progressively normal method for acquiring FPs is by giving free Endless Tower runs. Again simply structure a gathering of 5 and include them as companions before clearing the dimensions. This is extraordinary in case you’re high-leveled and well-prepared and can rush through the ET floors quick. Or then again in the event that you simply need to do philanthropy work and give back and help individual players, in which case, much obliged!

Be that as it may, since you presumably are going to clear your day by day journeys ordinary in any case, at that point should do it with a gathering and get free Friendship Tokens without additional exertion!


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