How to Find Prowling Deviling in North Prontera


On March 18, 2019, the follow-up event of the King Poring Adventure Event , Poring Island Division – Undercover , began . This event itself will end on March 25, 2019. Finding Prowling Deviling is indeed not easy, because these monsters are being hunted a lot right now. And you have to wait a few minutes if Prowling Deviling has already been killed by another player.

Then how to find Prowling Deviling? Previously you had to master Ghost Camera first.

Then go to North Prontera in the swampy area. The location of the appearance of these monsters is random and indeterminate, but always near swamps. Always use Ghost Camera as you walk around the swamps to find Prowling Deviling. After seeing it through the camera, photograph the monster and the opponent.

After successfully killing Prowling Deviling, you will get a Poring Blessing Box that contains:

  • 5x Poring Celebration Medal
  • Panacea Growth
  • 100 Colorful Shell
  • 1 Seed of Mastela
  • 50 Meatball Adventure
  • Lv.7 Talent Fruit

But you can only get a Poring Blessing Box once a day. So even if you kill a lot of Prowling Deviling, you will still only get one Poring Blessing Box every day. You have to do it tomorrow to get the Poring Blessing Box again.


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