How to Complete the Quest Gift of Krampus in Toy Factory 1F


Gift of Krampus Quest is included in the Quest Collectible Adventure Handbook. This quest is available after your character reaches level 90. To complete this quest, you must destroy the Giant Myst Case in Toy Factory 1F. Giant Myst Case is the same as an ordinary Myst Case monster but has a larger size and has an additional name Gift of Krampus. This monster will appear in the area and appear every 5 minutes.

How to Complete the Quest Gift of Krampus in Toy Factory 1F

Some items that must be collected to complete the Quest Star Crystal are Gold Thread Rabbit Shards. Bitter Jelly Bean Shards, Red Shoe Shards Spinning. Devil Gold Dust Shards, Talking Fish Shards, Frozen Heart Shards, Demon Four-leaf Clover Shards and Tony’s Eye Shards . You can see in the Quest Bag the number of items that you have managed to collect. The following is the name of the monster you can fight with and the location to complete the Gift of Krampus Quest and the number of items to collect.


  1. Gift of Krampus Selfishness Gold Thread Rabbit – 10 x Gold Thread Rabbit Shards
  2. Gift of Krampus Sloth Bitter Jelly Bean – 10 x Bitter Jelly Bean Shards
  3. Gift of Krampus Vanity Spinning Red Shoe – 10 x Spinning Red Shoe Shards
  4. Gift of Krampus Deceit Devil of Gold Dust – 10 x Devil Gold Dust Shards
  5. Gift of Krampus Greed Talking Fish – 10 x Talking Fish Shards
  6. Gift of Krampus Meanness Frozen Heart – 10 x F rozen Heart Shard
  7. Gift of Krampus Demon Four-leaf Clover Pride – 10 x Demon Four-leaf Clover Shards
  8. Gift of Krampus Jealousy Tony’s Eye – 10 x Tony’s Eye Shards

After you have managed to collect all the requested items, you can exchange them by meeting the Talent Toy Designer NPC in the middle of Toy Factory 1F.

After getting the item from the Talent Toy Designer NPC, open your bag and enter the items you got earlier in the Handbook by selecting the Put-in Handbook. And after entering into the Handbook, please open the Adventure Handbook and select the Collectible Tab and select Gift of Krampus and activate everything to get the last item, the Gift of Krampus Item from the Talent Toy Designer NPC by speaking once again to the Talent Toy Designer NPC.


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