How to Clear Tokyo-3 Instance in 180 Seconds (EVA Event)


How to Clear Tokyo-3 Instance in 180 Seconds (EVA Event)

Tokyo-3 Dungeon Rift is an action-based game mode similar to Time Rifts. This is part of the Ragnarok M: Evangelion Event (Eternal Love), which lasts until February 21.Here are some details about the Tokyo-3 Rift example and how to easily solve it in order to get the best results.

How it works

You and your group go underground. The goal is to kill three bosses within 180 seconds to get all the prizes on that day. When you go through an EVA-mech suit, your working class and level will not be a problem.

How to Clear Tokyo-3 Instance in 180 Seconds (EVA Event)

How to Defeat the 3 Bosses

There are two types of clothing: unit-01 (Violet) and unit-02 (red). All players have four abilities: regular attacks, special attacks, enthusiasts (only of the opposite color) and change of settings type (for example, from violet to red and vice versa).

Easiest Strategy — “3-2 Strategy”

  1. For each boss, only a certain type of suit can damage the boss.
  2. Only the first boss – red can be damaged. Violet can handle the damage.
  3. The third boss – more than 50% of HP – can be damaged only RED.
  4. The third boss – HP less than 50% – only purple can be damaged)
  5. Create a party of 5 people.
  6. Decide which colors each participant should take.
  7. The composition should be in a ratio of 3: 2.
  8. Therefore, 2 red 3 magenta or 3 red 2 red, which does not matter.
  9. Change the color selected in step 2.
  10. Please select a color.
  11. No need to change!
  12. Both of these techniques should always be cold.

If done correctly, it should be removed within 180 seconds.

Alternate Strategy — “Switcher Strategy”

This strategy is more general, but difficult to explain. Most players use this strategy and are encouraged to learn.

This party consists of two permanent reds, two permanent violets and one voter (starting with purple). A replacement will always go ahead, but the costumes of each boss will change.

Important Tips & Notes

  • Turn off and follow automatic attacks. Automatic attacks automatically use fourth suit.
  • The change of clothes takes 60 seconds, and the strategy is spoiled. The timer starts as soon as you enter the basement.
  • The timer continues to work in the dialog box.
  • Quickly close the conversation and go to the next boss as soon as possible after the kill. -3 Alt position.
  • The alternate symbol receives 5 separate prizes for the NERV compliment screen and 4 bodies (depending on time).


To win all the chess awards, kill three bosses within 180 seconds (3 minutes).

Three alternative symbols: NERV symbols and warheads can be stored in a shared storage.

Daily Reward for clearing Tokyo-3 Rift:

  • First clear — 5 NERV Commendation Chest

Rewards for clearing Tokyo-3 Rift (one time per character):

  • Clear in 241-300 sec — “NERV Operation Assistant”, 1 NERV Superior Battle Chest
  • Clear in 211-240 sec — “NERV Operation Director”, 2 NERV Superior Battle Chest
  • Clear in 181-210 sec — “NERV Deputy Commander”, 2 NERV Deluxe Battle Chest
  • Clear in 1-180 sec — “NERV Commander”, 5 NERV Deluxe Battle Chest

NERV Chests contain:

  • Open NERV Superior Battle Chest — 50 NERV Emblem
  • Open NERV Deluxe Battle Chest — 100 NERV Emblem, unlock “The Child” title

Rewards for unlocking EVA costume:

  • Unlock 1 Headgear — 1 extra NERV Commendation Chest
  • Unlock 3 Headgear — 2 extra NERV Commendation Chest
  • Unlock 5 Headgear — 3 extra NERV Commendation Chest
  • Unlock 7 Headgear — 4 extra NERV Commendation Chest
  • Unlock 9 Headgear — 5 extra NERV Commendation Chest

NERV Emblem Shop

Open a NERV logo shop and exchange your avatar, card, gold medal, etc. on the NERV icon.


What strategies and structures followed to finish the Tokyo 3 case?


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