How to Change Channel in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


How to Change Channel in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

You might be wondering why you cannot meet up and play with your friends in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. The reason is because you have to be on the same channel. Although players are on the same server (e.g. SEA server), players are divided into different channels to prevent overloading the server.

Here’s how to change your channel server in the game via an NPC in Izlude.

1-Go to izlude

See the map of the city of Izlude and go to the map of the South door. The first teleporter in Luda through the telegraph Kafra. If you don’t know where Lewis started from, head south. Talking to a channel reporter If you are in Izluda, talk to a reporter from an NPC channel in the upper part of the city. Change the NPC channel to izlude

2-Talk to the Change Channel NPC (Channel Teleporter)

However, with the NPC Teleporter Channel, you can change your channel for free when you make your first change.

3-Enter the desired channel number

Click on the input line # Channel change each time makes 99 zen.

You can see the current channel in the upper right corner of the screen.

For example, we currently have a PH54 or 54 in the Philippines.

The channel number is currently in the upper right corner. There is no easier way to change channels.

You have to do this whenever you want to change channels to meet with friends.

MVP/Mini Boss Penalty

Sanctions against MVP / Mini Boss: a two-hour penalty is imposed on MVP and mini-bosses when changing channels.

After a channel change, it cannot be damaged in 2 hours. Hunt for MVP and mini boss!


When you change channels, the game loads a little, and the channel number is updated in the upper right corner. Now you can meet your friends and start grinding! Stamina Filling

Another tip of South Prontera music player: if you want to quickly fill stamina, because most players listen to music, switch to channel 1. Music players usually contain more than 20 songs in a queue.


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