How to Get Stats and Skill Reset Guide


How to Get Stats and Skill Reset Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to get Ragnarok Mobile: free initialization statistics and download skills reset records for eternal love so you can restore your stats and abilities. Skill points Fortunately, unlike the classic computer games Ragnarok, you get free articles and reloads during the game. Here is how it works.


You can use Eternal Rock to restore attribute property points and restore load points using a Reset Load Reset.

Stat Reset Growth Pack Lv. 30 Level 30
 Skill Reset Growth Pack Lv. 40 Level 40
 Stat & Skill ResetStat Reset Pyramid 1F Quest Level 55
Stat ResetStat Reset Payon Quest Level 57
Skill Reset Glast Heim Outskirts Quest Level 76

1. Growth pack

When the game starts, you will receive a growth pack from Pronter Miu NPC. You can open this item at 10 levels (10, 20, 30, etc.) to get valuable items.

2. Event NPC in Prontera

Buy Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod at a Prontera NPC event to get 500,000 zen. Miu is slightly lower. At first it is expensive, but easier if the hero gets millions of dollars a day!

3. Free Stat & Skill Reset from a Lv. 55 Quest

When the level reaches 55, you can search for an NPC called Ayrui in the Morocc pyramid 1R. Choose a search called “Abnormality on 2F “

It’s a long way to kill a lot of people and collect 150 immortal hearts (hunt for a magnolia from a Morrocc/ Sograt dessert) After the adventure, you get Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod items.

4. Free Stat Reset from a Lv. 57 Quest

Another attempt to get free reset statistics is to find Payon when you reach level 57. Talk to novice named Gadar at Payon. The goal is to help Gadar go to Archer. So this is a long search.


In the midst of a long search, you should buy 30 bad horns that you can easily buy in the stock market if they don’t want to grow. You have to go to several places and talk to the NPS. I have a few questions and answers. This is the correct answer: yes, yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes, no, no, yes. The hunter will receive eternal stones from the National Palace of Culture.

5. Get a free Skill Reset from a Lv. 76 Quest

Finally, there is a level 76 adventure on the edge of Glast Heim. Talk to this NPCs. You need the hand of God. You can buy the same card from Sky Petite or buy it on the stock market.

How to use Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod

To reset a skill, double-click Reset Reset to reset the skill point. Tell him to return your property, and you will swallow your eternal stone.


As a rule, you can get 3 eternal stones and 3 cards of zero skill for free. This gives you the opportunity to recover accurate statistics and skills when you accidentally run into problems or have more opportunities to test your building.


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