Guide to Stamina in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love


This stamina system is added to the game to keep the player on the AFC farm itself and to complement the automatic attack function until the end of the game. 1 stamina = 1 minute, total cost 300 minutes per day (5 hours.Attacking monsters consume stamina. When you exhaust all your physical strength, your experience and strength will diminish. There are three levels of fitness: green (for example, 10/300) – up. Stamina was not consumed, and normal performance and yellow (for example, 310/300) were reduced. 900/300) – approximately 2-3 times more than maximum endurance, fast speed and decrease in falls.


Every day at 5:00 (GMT 7) (SEA server) you get 300 stamina. However, since you can save up to 900 stamina, please use before reaching 900! Using flash chain accelerates EXP and doubles speed for 60 minutes, but doubles stability. This is useful when you do not have time to play and want to use your stamina as soon as possible. This is the yellow bar with the time of the battle. In the photo above, I spent 852 minutes of fitness today. I meet monsters for 500 minutes.

Using your stamina effectively

The most effective daily work is daylight at work or at school (do not forget to use the monster’s resistance bonus!). Use precious patience to maintain a balance of character or physical development. Once the stamina is exhausted, you will not need to perform routine tasks such as communicating with NPS, photographing or killing 25 monsters, so you will have to perform other searches (search by main stories, scoreboards, etc.) However, if you have little time to play, it is better to eat your stamina only when you perform routine tasks (basic tasks / news assignments) and bonuses to the resistance of monsters.

  1. You get 300 Stamina everyday. 1 Stamina = 1 minute, total of 300 mins (5 hours) worth of Stamina per day
  2. Attacking monsters consumes Stamina.
  3. When you consume all your Stamina, EXP and drop rates will be lowered. There are three levels of Stamina:
    • Green (ex. 10/300) — max Stamina not yet consumed, normal exp and drop rates
    • Yellow (ex. 310/300) — a few points beyond max Stamina, lowered exp and drop rates
    • Red (ex. 900/300) — around 2-3x your max Stamina, significantly lowered exp and drop rates
  4. You will get 300 Stamina at 5:00 AM (GMT+7) every day (SEA server)
  5. If you don’t consume your Stamina for the day, it will be carried over to the next day. But you can only hold up to 900 total Stamina, so make sure to consume it before it reaches 900!
  6. Quests still give EXP rewards if you don’t have remaining Stamina
  7. Using Lightning Chain item will speed up your EXP and drop rates by 2x for 60 minutes, but will also consume your Stamina 2x faster. Useful if you don’t have time to play and want to consume your Stamina ASAP.

Another important tip: combine static food with the consumption of the lighting circuit. Thus, a 30-minute increase in performance is more valuable because it is used with 2x EXP and a chance of falling out!

How to replenish stamina

In addition to setting 300 durability per day, you can listen to music and fill 60 intensities (60 minutes). You can purchase 10,000 Zeny music CDs from NPC Prontera’s Event Items.You can play CDs on the South Prontera music player. You can find it right under the portal. Even if you play music, you can listen to other players’ CDs. Click on the music player to view it.

When you listen to music, you gain 1 stamina from playing music. You can tell when you order the system. Let your character sit and enjoy music for 60 minutes while doing other things in real life. Make sure your music still works.

Guide to Stamina in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love

Important tip: You can also check the number of minutes you spent in the> Settings. Every time you notice, your endurance increases every minute.

Guide to Stamina in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love

What to do if you ran out of stamina

You still have a lot of work to do, despite searching, chatting with NPS, learning other gameplay, photographing adventure guides, and chatting with friends and guilds! They still have good exposure sizes and even rob about 300. If your stamina turns red, the speed will be much lower. Usually about 400 plants cease to grow on the mill.


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