Guide to Rune System (Aesir Monument) in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


Guide to Rune System (Aesir Monument) in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Rune System is a great innovation from Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love. In role-playing games, runes, such as a talented tree, give permanent character status or a bonus. For example, a wine collector has a rune that deals 10% damage, while a mage has a rune that reduces the time it takes to use certain techniques.


Please browse. Close the Aesir Memorial Joi Guild at level 40. Run Runen Finish Aesir Memorial to find the jubilee plane. Find a memorable plane. Follow the guild guild. Sacrifice to activate the runes in the Dojo Asir.

How to unlock the Rune system/Aesir Monument

  1. Join a guild at Level 40
  2. Do a quest in the Guild Hall
  3. Receive Aesir Monument

How to start activating Runes

  1. Finish the Aesir Monument quest to receive the Aesir Monument item
  2. Start collecting Guild Contributions and Gold Medals by doing Guild activities like Guild Donation or Guild Dojo
  3. Use your Contributions to activate Runes in your Aesir Monument

1. Join the guild to reach level 40.

First, join the guild or you need an emperor. You can purchase NPC events in Prontera for 200,000 zeny.To unlock the rune system, you must be at least level 40.

2. Go to the Guild Hall and complete the search.

Once you reach the Guild and reach level 40, you will find Asher’s warning. Go to the guild for “More> Partnerships> Enter the Hall” and talk to the National Palace of Culture of Valkyrie in the left room.

You must kill four groups of monsters and answer questions after each set. Please select the correct answer. This is always the second choice.After four tests, he will warn Walker, Ezir. Now we have a rune system!

3. Aesir Monument is permitted

Aesir Monument can be used to open runes. There are many runes and bonus stats, but do not worry. Soon comes another guide! Medals and gold medals are required to start. This is a golden badge and icon in the upper right corner.

Receive Aesir Monument

How to run gold coins and medals

It usually costs about 150 ~ one hundred posts. Therefore, it is always important to collect them so that they can quickly get to the path of the runes. There are many ways to earn a medal for a donation. Guild Guild: Guild Guild Guild provides about 150 fees in this area and 5 sessions for members of the guild.

Valkyrie award – 500 donations. Get a special gift, for example, search by event.

Runes with special effects on skills require a unique resource called gold. Gold medals can be obtained in the following ways: rarely donate Mini Boss / MVP for guild donations.

FAQs about Runes

Can I reset my Runes?

Yes! Just click the middle shiny rune and click the Reset button on the lower right. It will cost you zeny of course.

What happens to my Contributions if I leave the Guild?

Half of your medals/contributions will be removed, so make sure to use them all on Runes before leaving.

What happens to my Runes if I leave the Guild?

Nothing. They will not be affected.

Which Rune path should I get?


As you can see, the Rune talent tree system offers many bonuses. Therefore, you need to release and save guild medals as quickly as possible. Just be patient, it will be a long process!



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