Guide to Pet Adventure in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


Guide to Pet Adventure in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Pets: Eternal Love from Ragnarok Mobile is one of the best investments in games. We talked about how you can reach the fastest stage if you do nothing in the animal guide. I want to tell you how much Jenny you can get if you get rich and do nothing at this time. Did you know that there is a simpler way to get raccoons than smoky hunting?

In this guide, you will learn how to unlock and use your pet’s adventures in Ragnarok M, one of the best handheld game generators!

How to unlock Pet Adventure

(If you already have an Adventure Adventure in your inventory, you can skip this section!)

You must complete several searches before you can open and launch Adventure Pet. Ur 30, Protar Selatan (near the music player) to Magnus Five Culture Culture. Teaches you how to teleport to the animal learning zone and catch a poryng.

After you have caught your first pet, you must finish your pet’s adventure. To get Lv intimacy, you need Poring. 3.

You can increase the proximity of the animal by “biting” or making it uncomfortable and feeding it (green apple, etc.). Pets and guidebooks! It is necessary to send pets in an adventure.

How Pet Adventure Works

First, consider how home adventures work: choose adventure sections with different requirements and rewards.

  1. Please select adventure transmitter.
  2. Start your adventure by spending 60 adventure balls and
  3. 60 minutes of endurance in the adventure window.
  4. Please use the “Guide for Pets” in your inventory
  5. List area – allows you to choose where to send the Pet selection.

  1. Here you can add pets to order.
  2. Click on this icon and you will see a “rare” breast augmentation (below).
  3. Prize – This prize is awarded several times.
  4. Read the “View Trophies” icon for more information.

How to Start a Pet Adventure

To start an adventure, a pet must first be in Egg mode. Click on the icon and select “Relax.”

You should also have at least 60 stamina, otherwise you will say: “The length of the adventure is not enough.” Now click the button to add your pet and click Go.

Pet Adventures consume 60 minutes of combat time with a few adventure meatballs. The adventure is over, and now you can apply for a prize pool.

We have various rewards in different areas. Zeny, a color tray used for basic experience / work, craft materials, equipment, desserts for pets, as well as for buying pets and tamed products. But all you want is a map of the heart and region! For more information, see the following sections: Pet Adventure can be used with one pet, but it must be present.

To unlock more areas

To unlock a higher area, send your pet up (highlighted in blue). Unlike the usual adventure, the discovery of a new area does not absorb health. However, pets must be at least on par with the field.

Therefore, always invite all your pets in combat or in combination from experience. Therefore, it is important to catch at least three pets and maintain the base and proximity as soon as possible.

How to Increase a Pet’s Base Level and Intimacy Level

You need to balance your pet’s base level and intimacy level to a higher level and improve your pet’s adventure. The maximum base pet level also corresponds to the current base level. 1.Increase the number of animals, breed or use animal feed ingredients.

2) I like my favorite food (favorite food) or

3) I like it. You can click the Pet icon to view the details in the Pet Details window.

How to Get Rare Loots from Pet Adventure Chests

Click on the gray icon on the right, and the Pet’s Recommendations window will appear. This is a requirement for getting “rare” in price lists. In the following example, you simply choose Poring for an adventure. Addiction to adventure sends a “rare” element, Pronteras Chest.

For this adventure, you need at least three pets at level 60. To get at least one Payon breast, you must send Savage Babe Pet or Pet to Intimate Lv. 5 or yoyo pets. In response to all your requirements, Savage Babe AND Intimacy Lv. 5 Pet and Yoyo, then you get 3 boxes of Payon!

It is very important to comply with these requirements to increase the likelihood of leakage of rare waste. Raccoon today costs about 1 million elderly people.

Pet tribes

In areas with many adventure lovers, requirements such as “fish tribes” or “undead pets” are displayed. Some breeding birds, such as fish, were not available in the current round. Check your network for changes to other pets. Trunk for race only.

How to Target Specific Monsters

In a pet adventure, you can choose the monster that you want to focus on so that your pet can focus on becoming a victim of this monster. Just click on the monster icon next to the name of your adventure.

Pet Adventure Tips & Tricks

Raccoon Leaf in Prontera/Izlude Regions

As mentioned earlier, the Prontera / Izlude area is gorgeous because the boxes have the ability to ignore the raccoon leaves and the four leaf clover. Both are very rare and expensive. Raccoon leaves are one of the rare products.

The price in the game is almost a million gallons, and you cannot lose, because all players (including you) must switch from E to F to an adventurer. So you can grow instantly.

Valuable Cards

Another important element in Pet Adventure is the Minorous Pyramid Map 2F, which was sold for 9 million to Jenny (!)

During creation. Other maps you can see on the previous level:

Warrior Skeleton Map

  • 1F Map of the Desert Wolf Pyramid
  • Map of Morocco Menblatt
  • Map of the Mjolnir Mountain Thara
  • Cave of the Air Whisper
  • Ghost Ship Best price, but higher animal requirements!

Create a 2nd Character

Some players create a second character for the same account and use this character’s Pet Adventure to keep fit. To use shared storage for delivering items, the level of the second character must be 40 (maybe 1-2 days).


Sending pets to an adventure with a pet is the surest way to produce millions of weapons without actually doing anything! Therefore, do not forget to invest money in taming items, take care to collect as many pets as possible and treat them to sweet, sweet and rare animals.



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