Guide to Mentor & Student System in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


Guide to Mentor & Student System in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

The Mentorship & Student system in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love allows you to achieve an extra 120 Stamina per day as a Mentor, as well as 170% EXP rate, +20 stats buffs and 4 free Gold Medals as a Student!From this guide, you will learn how to become a mentor and / or student, as well as the benefits that people enjoy.


Benefits of becoming a Student (Lv 10-84)

  • Training Benefits (Level 10-84) Get a 170% bonus in 24 hours in the Adventure Guide 20. Bonus with the Keeper Scroll
  • Get 4 gold medals for your stun rune. Become a weekly quest mentor (level 85).
  • Get 120 additional health units for a premium user.
  • Hand the medal to a mentor who is used to buying goods from a mentor.

Benefits of Being a Student

First, what are the benefits of this tutor and study? Much! There is a list of why you should immediately get your mentor.

1-Get 170% EXP rate for 24 hours

Mentors can use an item called “Adventure Guide” to give students a 170% bonus in 24 hours!

2-Get +20 Stats Bonus

In addition to the Adventure Guides, mentors can use Guardian Scrolls for students who provide 20 bonuses every 24 hours.

However, this cannot be used for transcendental student work.

3-Get four Gold Medals and other rewards for free

As a student, you will grow when you reach a certain level. Among other things, you will receive equipment Eden, Monday, Eden coins and meatballs. (Note: Runes system guide.)

You will get all prices, even if you are at a higher level. For example, at level 84, you can get mentoring for the first time and get all the prizes at a lower level.

4-Get Zeny and Base/Job EXP for completing Daily and Weekly Adventure Quests

There is another good way to go faster! Students receive Zeny bonuses and experience for daily and weekly searches.

This is like looking for a witch.

  • Clear 2, 6, 10 bulletin board.
  • Task Clean 2 and 5 times.
  • Raise time.
  • Clean the soil.
  • Arcade Adventure guide.
  • Buff Valhalla.

How to Become a Student

To become a student, find a mentor and ask him to register as a student by clicking the icon in the list of friends or in a group and selecting Save Student. Once you have received the contract, you can view the details in the following areas of the manual. B.

Search prices for growth and adventure.

How to Graduate as a Student at Lv 85

Level 85 and 3-day card Congratulations! Now you can finish. Talk to the Tata NPC in Prontera near the Bridge.

He will ask some simple questions. After talking with NPS at Adventure Hall, talk to Tataji again and finish the trainingo.

In addition, now you can get recommendations for students!

Benefits of Mentoring

1. Get bonus 120 Stamina/Combat Time

As a premium mentor, you gain 1 stamina in your endurance stamina. You can collect 120 endurance per day. (A total of 180 stamina bonuses, including 60 stamina points for music).

In order to receive a bonus to health, in battle only the same student card is needed. It does not have to be on the same track or on adjacent tracks. A good idea is to use students without drinking extra tracks.

The more students fighting on the same map, the faster you will get 120 achievements for free! After getting a student’s stamina for any reason, you won’t get musical stamina.

2.Mentor Medals

A mentor medal is a type of currency used to purchase items from Danny, an NPC in a mentor’s shop in Prontera.

He will sell the following: Coin Coin – Use in the pocket of coins – Picture / Writer Buy Lucky Gift – Distribute the guild 25 posts. 24-hour Btrans

Students can receive a mentor’s medal in the following ways: When students complete their adventure work (in the Students section for more information)

How to Become a Mentor

You must reach at least 85 level to become a mentor. Then talk to your senior mentor NPC Terch and perform a simple search. It is near the Proterra Bridge next to the mentor.

How to Recruit a Student

After you become a mentor, you can lead your students into the mentorship window.

Students must be at level 10-84. You can take care of three students. Just click More icons> Friends> Mentoring (hat completion icon).

You can also select a friend or partner and click Save Student. Click “Icon” in the list of students. He automatically searches for and invites available students.

Obviously, you want to support students in the game, so get a lot of tutor medals!


As you know, using a mentoring system has many advantages. Get a mentor as early as possible and bring your students as soon as you reach level 85. If you have any questions, please leave your comments below!



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