Guide to Assistants in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love


Ragnarok Mobile: whenever you play eternal love, there are a lot of things you should pay attention to every day, search and other interesting actions. Fortunately, this helper will help you learn it – and thanks! How big is it?

Hire an Assistant

if you hire level 20, you can hire an assistant for free. Go to Prontera and click on the wizard button in the upper right corner to go to Prontera Palace. You can go to the paid later. There is no difference between the two helpers, except gender.

A witch, such as a personal assistant, who registers daily tasks, such as messaging suggestions, finding monstrous resistance, breaking and how much trust you have. You can also go to the NPC / location of this job by clicking on the Go button.

Repeated daily tasks

You can get 100 simple points every day by doing the following: 25 points

  • 10 times for working on the board (5 points for 2 searches on the board) 10 points
  • resistance to monsters twice (5 points)) 15 points
  • 300 points (5 points for 100 points) 15 points
  • 5 points now – 15 points for pets
  • 5 points for adventures with pets
  • 10 points for listening to music
  • Points 10 for exercises
  • 10 points for guild donation
  • Yes Cooking food 15 points
  • Kill 1 person in Duel Arena

One time achievement

In addition to daily intimacy and estimates, the master offers rare and valuable rewards for one-off work, such as switching to a second job, joining a guild or catching pets, changing hairstyles, examples of this bonus are hot food, guild donations ( related to the catwalk manual) or coupons for big cats (day off).

Big Cat Voucher Feasts

These vouchers are used to claim a Gacha costume. During costume events, you can spend 30 Big Cat Voucher Feasts on a Gacha slot machine called the Fantasy Generator in Prontera square.

You can get these orange vouchers by doing the following:

  • 1 Voucher per day — get 60 Intimacy w/ Assistant by completing daily tasks
  • 10 Vouchers — finish “Change Haircut” quest
  • 10 Vouchers — finish “Smile Assistance Headwear” quest

Guide to Assistants in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Finance Report

Another interesting function of the financial report assistant is the financial report by clicking on the “Finance” tab of the additional report. This shows which positions in stock have increased or decreased most in the last 3 or 7 days. You can use it to find items that are expensive, expensive, expensive and sold!

Guide to Assistants in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love



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