Guide on How to Get All Poring Ragnarok Eternal Love Celebration Medal Rewards — Free 10 Gold Medals & More!

Guide on How to Get All Poring Ragnarok Eternal Love Celebration Medal Rewards

You can exchange all Poring Celebration Medal for Ragnarok Eternal Love by following this guide!

During this March, Ragnarok Eternal Love is holding a King Poring Celebration event . You will get a number of items named Poring Celebration Medal Ragnarok Eternal Love as a gift if you do this event and the King Poring’s Celebration quest .

Poring Celebration Medal is used to buy various kinds of interesting items in the Poring Celebration Shop. So you can spend the items in the store, just follow this guide !

Poring Celebration Medal Shop

This shop is a limited shop that you only find in the King Poring’s Celebration event . Buying items here only uses the Poring Celebration Medal. The following items are sold:

Item Price (Medal) Purchase Limit Total (Medal)
Peachy Poring Card 50 1 50
Gold Medal 4 10 40
Valkyrie’s Gift 4 10 40
Panacea Poring Growth 5 5 25
Oracle Dust 3 12 36
Oracle Crystal 5 12 60
Mora Coin 3 12 36

Total Poring Celebration Medal to get all items: 278 Medals.

How to Get a Poring Celebration Medal

Because the duration of this event is long enough, you can collect 278 Poring Celebration Medals, provided you diligently work on the following quests .

1. Five Day Quest at Popo NPC

The next quest to get the Poring Celebration Medal is to defeat Prowling Devilling. This questruns from 18 to 25 March 2019.

During these seven days, you have to defeat Prowling Devilling once a day. Successfully completing this quest will reward you with the Poring Blessing Box. A Poring Blessing Box contains five Poring Celebration Medals.

Total Poring Celebration Medal from this quest: 35 Medals.

3. Prizes from the Mission Board

The third way to obtain a Poring Celebration Medal is to complete 10 daily quests from the Mission Board . This quest runs from 18 to 25 March 2019.

After you successfully complete 10 Mission Boards, you will get five Poring Celebration Medals. Continue for seven days to get a total of 35 Medals.

4. Drop from Dark and Undead Monsters

Not from a quest anymore, Poring Celebration Medals can be obtained from drop monsters, especially Dark and Undead type monsters.

These monsters start dropping the  Poring Celebration Medal from March 11 to 2019. Make sure you collect at least 192 Poring Celebration Medals from farming in this monster.


Collecting 278 Poring Celebration Medals is actually easy, you just have to do quests with prizes Poring Celebration Medal and diligently farming .

Make sure you successfully complete all of the King Poring Adventure daily quests during the event to get a 95 Poring Celebration Medal. Then on March 11-18, make sure you farm in Dark and Undead monsters to get the remaining 192 Poring Celebration Medals.

That is how the guide gets all the prizes in the Poring Celebration Shop along with how to collect the Poring Celebration Medal. Hopefully you will successfully work on the Ragnarok Eternal Love event this time!

Good luck!


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